Saturday, November 26, 2011

Episode 45: Thanksgiving Show and new justWORD

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We'll have the links plugged in by Monday or Tuesday morning, but you can still peep the playlist to see who made the show. Today we celebrate Thanksgiving by sharing what we're thankful for here at the Kingdom Minded Show. We hope you are led to consider what you're thankful for also. We air on a non-profit station and don't have much of a budget, so don't forget to click the donate button on the side of the page if you feel led to give. 

Feel free to download the show here.

                         Artist - Song (Album)
Hour 1
 1. Thi'sl ft Brothatone - On My Grind (Chronicles of an X-Hustler) Buy It Here
 2. Cam ft Kadence - Raindrop (The Platform) Buy It Here
 3. Cross Movement ft Izreal & Phanatik - Now Who's The Man (History: Our place in His Story) Buy It Here
*  Instrumental by JustWORD
 4. Hazakim - No Not One (Grassroots Vol. 2) FREE DOWNLOAD
 5. Pastor AD3 - Feature Presentation (No Pain No Love) Buy It Here
 6. Radikal Hughes - One Chance (Single)
 7. Lecrae ft Sho Baraka & Jai - Live Free (Rebel) Buy It Here
*  Instrumental is "I Believe God" by D-Maub
 8. K-Drama - Sweat It Out (We Fit: The Workout Plan) Buy It Here
 9. Denise Powell - I'm Free (Free To Flow Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
10. ALCAM - Turn It Up (Single) Buy It Here
*  Instrumental by K-Beatz
11. Brinson & Readywriter - Lightsabers (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
12. eshon burgundy - The Evidence of Things Not Seen (Cleaning Out My Closet) FREE DOWNLOAD

Hour 2
*  Instrumental by Infantry Beats
13. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Redd Lettaz - Jus Rhymin' with Skrpcha: Freestyle '09 (Undarate Me Deluxe Edition) Buy It Here
14. Serene ft. GP - The Reason (Different Strokes) FREE DOWNLOAD
15. Sean C. Johnson - Sun Up Til Sun Down (Simply A Vessel Vol. 1) Buy It Here
*  Instrumental by BMII
16. Da Messenger ft C-Knight - Redeemed (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
17. Tryenyse Jones - Today (Resilient) Buy It Here
*  Instrumental is "A Song For My Father" by Horace Silver
18. justWORD ft Bond - All I Need (15V Branches) FREE DOWNLOAD
19. The Voice ft Melanie Dawn - Can You Hear It? (#loudandclear) FREE DOWNLOAD
20. Qheem the Redeemed - Jehovah Dose (Body Language) Buy It Here
*  Instrumental by eshon "bombay" burgundy
21. Shai Linne - The Glory of God (The Attributes of God) Buy It Here
22. Deitrick Haddon - Show Stopper (Church on the Moon) Buy It Here
23. Identity ft Point 5 - You Are God (You Are God Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD  Book The Tour
24. Braille - Psalm 103 (Streetlights Sampler) FREE DOWNLOAD
*  Instrumental by Teddy P aka Wes Pendleton
25. Evangel - Beautiful Church (The Church) Buy It Here

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Grace and peace,

W w W

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