Saturday, March 31, 2012

Episode 62: New Viktory, Antonio Neal & Erica Cumbo

Good afternoon!

Welcome to the home base of your source for Kingdom Minded music. Today we have new music by Viktory, Antonio Neal, Erica Cumbo and DNA. We also have a guest DJ in the house. DJ Eric J dropped by to give us a 15 minute mega-mix. Our favorite freestylist is back with a new one. That's right Mephstaddox is giving you some freestyle heat along with the beat master behind Mid-life Crisis, Bron Jockenberry. f

You can download the show here for free.

Here is your playlist.

        Song - Artist (Album)
Hour 1
1. The Facade ft K-Drama - Jadee Lamez (Single)
2. Your Show - Michelle Bonilla (In Spite of Me)
3. A-M - The Ambassador (Stop The Funeral)
4. Fireproof - Sean Simmonds (Single)
5. Live Out Loud - Erica Cumbo (Single)
6. *Fa Sho Shot* I Believe God - D-MAUB (Death Before Dishonor)
7. Fresho - Justword (Light Generation)
8. I Am Remix ft Gideonz Army - Canton Jones (Dominionnaire Remix)
9. Everything - Antonio Neal (Reset Worship)
10 *Guest DJ Booth* by DJ Eric J of Higher Vision Music (
10.a. Represent - Lecrae (Real Talk)
10.b. Need It Daily - Tedashii ft PRo (Blacklight)
10.c. Start To Finish - Sir Viva & Result (Heart Condition)
10.d. How We Roll - Willie Will ft Humble Tip & K-Drama (The High Life)
10.e. Amen - Apaulsoul ft K-Drama (Single)
10.f. U Ain't Gotta Ask - Crane & A-1 (Muzik Vol 2)
10.g. He Lives - Tedashii ft Flame & Jai Aca (Blacklight)
10.h. Deeper Than Rap - PRo (PSA Vol 2)
10.i. Take The City - Zerubbabel (Pilgrim Perspective)
11. Walk Alone - Isaac Caree (Single)
12. Ego ft Sean C. Johnson & eshon burgundy - Wit and Dre Murray (Hell's Paradise II)

Hour 2
13. *Freestyle of the Week* Sunday Night Alive - Mid-life Crisis (Umami)
14. Beautiful Feet - Ackdavis ft JustThoughtz (Downtime 2)
15. Walk On Water - Mali Music (Mali Is...)
16. Unstoppable - Viktory ft T.Haddy & Bizzle (R4)
17. Who - Sean C. Johnson (Simply A Vessel Vol 3)
18. Lower Case I - The Messenger ft The Ark & Yaves Ellis (The Lord is My Ghost Writer)
19. I'm Good - Trip Lee ft Lecrae (The Good Life)
*The Kingdom Minded Birthday Roll Call* Loop from Lecrae's "Hands High"
20. Thank You - DNA MusicBoyz (Single)
21. Savior - Exodus Movement (ReDefinition)
22. King - Deitric Haddon (Church on the Moon)
23. Hello Goodbye - Point 5 (Hello Goodbye)
24. Never Would Have Made It - Reconcile (Abandoned Hope)
25. Handle Business - BenEvol ft Element & Nyla (Authenic Rhymes 2)
26. It's My Time - J Sky Walker (Return of the Jedi)

We hope something was stirred up in you to be Kingdom Minded!

Until next week,

Grace and Peace! - W w W

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Kingdom Minded Classic Weekend

REWIND!!!!!!!!!! DJ Bring that back!
Here's a Kingdom Minded Classic to enjoy until next week when we have a fresh show for you. Episode 36 was in interview with Yaves Ellis, in a season of transition. He is now signed with Xist Records! Congratulations Yaves! You deserve it. All glory to God!

And one more thing...Happy Anniversary to my beautiful Proverbs 31 woman of God! We celebrate our 12th anniversary on the 25th. I praise God for bringing you to me. He knew what I needed! I love you Aretha~

Good afternoon Kingdom people!

This has been a great show this week. We have an interview with Slingshot Movement frontrunner, Yaves Ellis. He was very transparent in talking with us. We briefly talked about the significance of  9/11. We played new music by PRo, Identity, Sean Simmonds, Da Truth, and D-MAUB. In fact, I gotta say that the whole second hour is just packed after the interview in the first hour. God is good! We hope you enjoy and appreciate this weeks show as much as we had fun producing it. If you would like to request a song for next weeks show, you can text us or leave a message for us at 775-375-KMRS. If you are an artist and have music to submit, you can e-mail us at

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Here is this weeks playlist!

             Artist - Song (Album)
  1. Flame - Move (Captured) Buy It Here
  2. His Work - Stand (We Are His Work) Buy It Here
  3. B4 My Heart Stops - Willie J (YFS Pre-Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  4. Ambassador ft Charmaine - Up Down (Stop The Funeral) Buy It Here
  5. Jah Rock'n Productions - Give It To You (The Lost LP) Buy It Here (Name Your Price)
  6. Serene ft GP - The Reason (Different Strokes) FREE DOWNLOAD
  7. Yaves Ellis Interview including the songs "In Summer's Ear" and "Boxxed In". You can follow Yaves on Twitter @YavesEllis. His website is The "In Summer's Ear" Album is available FREE at his website,, our website here, and more.
  8. D-M.A.U.B. - Go All Out (Death Before Dishonor) Buy It Here
  9. eshon burgundy - Anote 4The Hopeless (Blood Bought) Buy It Here  Official Video
  10. The Cross Movement - 9/10 (HIStory) Buy It Here
  11. Cam - My Reflection (My Eyes) Buy It Here  Official Video
  12. DJ Official - Man Up Remix ft Lecrae, KB, Trip Lee, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, PRo and Andy Mineo (Man Up) FREE SINGLE DOWNLOAD
  13. Sean Simmonds - Fireproof (Single) FREE SINGLE DOWNLOAD
  14. Gideonz Army - That's Dem (On Ten) Buy It Here  Official Video
  15. Da Truth - Alive (The Whole Truth) Buy It Here  Official Video
  16. Sean C Johnson - Does Anybody (Simply A Vessel: Faithful Vol. 2) Buy It Here  Official Video
  17. Kareem Manuel ft PRo - Endure (Single) FREE SINGLE DOWNLOAD  Endure Challenge
  18. Kenn Orr ft Sean Simmonds - Home (Single) Buy It Here  Official Video
  19. Legacy Music - Die If I Have To Remix (Legacy Music Album) FREE DOWNLOAD
  20. Identity - Get Off (You Are God Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  21. 7vnseal ft Young Mercy - 'Til The End (Keep My Boots Madd Muddy Platoon Vol 1) FREE DOWNLOAD
  22. Wit and Dre Murray - Rescue Me (Hell's Paradise: Deluxe Edition) Buy It Now (Name Your Price)
  23. PRo - A Live Worth Dying For (Dying to Live) Buy It Here
Instrumentals between songs are by JustWORD, eshon "bombay" burgundy, J. Griff, K-Beatz, Experiment, Wit, Tony Stone and Infantry Beats.

We hope something was stirred up in you to be Kingdom Minded today!

Grace and peace,

Mr. Rob and the Water Walkin' Warrior

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Episode 61: New Mali Music, Ali Rozet, JustWORD

What's good everyone?

Thanks for taking time to visit our website. We were blessed to receive the new Mali Music singles and played his new song called, "Walk On Water". Sho Baraka sent his new song and JustWORD has a new EP out.

There is a bunch of events coming too in which you can locally go and see a Christian hip hop artist live. Honestly, it's kind of rare for a hip hop concert to take place in general so let's get out there and support these events. Visit our "Events" page HERE for more details about them.

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Kingdom Minded Ep 61 Hr 1  |  Kingdom Minded Ep 61 Hr 2

Here's this week's playlist.

          Song - Artist (Album)
Hour 1
 1. Beard - Ali Rozet ft J.Givens, ProCyse & Young Buddy (The Abolition) FREE DOWNLOAD
 2. No Betta - Voices of Unity ft Deitrick Haddon & Faith Evans (Single) Buy It Here
 3. You Gotta Go - Broken (True Freedom) Buy It Here
 4. Hey Hey - Martay ft Richman (Single) Buy It Here
 5. Need An Answer - Rhema Soul (Red) Exclusive Leak
 6. What Will You Do - Willie Johnson (Spoken Word) Kingdom Minded Exclusive
 7. I'm A Christian - Jah Rock'n Productions ft K-Drama and The Breax (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
 8. *Fa Sho Shot* Pressing Into The Kingdom - Timothy Brindle (Killing Sin) Buy It Here
 9. Rear View Mirror - Chris Jackson (Single) Buy It Here
10. A-Milliyon - Milliyon (Live Milliyonic) Buy It Here
11. Copycat - Pastor AD3 (No Pain, No Love) Buy It Here
12. Not Soft - Cash Hollister ft T-Haddy (The Refreshing) Buy It Here
13. I See The Truth - Cam (My Eyes) Buy It Here  Official Video
14. Killa - Lecrae (Rehab) Buy It Here
15. Blades of His Glory - 7vnseal ft Cy (Keep My Boots Madd Muddy Platoon Vol. 1) FREE DOWNLOAD

Hour 2
16. *Phat Freestyle* Guvna B Goes Inn - Guvna B from  Watch the Video
17. Clap Ya Hands - Group 1 Crew (Group 1 Crew) Buy It Here
18. Walking - Mary Mary (Something Big) Buy It Here
19. Kill Jesus, Praise Judas - Sho Baraka (Hello Revolution) Buy It Here  Official Video
20. #NoWorries - Gary Coleman ft Tyrae (The Discovery of Life) FREE DOWNLOAD
21. He Said He Loves Me - Brinson (O.M.G.) Buy It Here  Live Performance
22. Does Anybody - Sean C. Johnson (Simply A Vessel Vol 2: Faithful) Buy It Here  Official Video
23. Hold On - Thi'sl (Beautiful Monster) Buy It Here  Official Video (Must See)
24. To Live Is Christ - Trip Lee (13 Letters) Buy It Here
****Kingdom Minded Birthday Roll Call****
25. Access Denied - Gemices Royale ft L.O. (Conviction Music) Buy It Here
26. Flesh Killa - STLien ft Scooda (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
27. God is Enough (Chris Lee Remix) - Chris Lee, Flame, Lecrae & Jai (Get Well Soon) FREE DOWNLOAD
28. Street Gospel - J.Givens (Run) Buy It Here  Official Video
29. Futuristically Fly - JustWORD (Futuristally Fly) FREE DOWNLOAD
30. Walk On Water - Mali Music (Mali Is) Buy It Here

We hope something is stirred up in you to be Kingdom Minded! - Water Walkin' Warrior

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Gospel Graffiti Crew |

Check out The website of the Gospel Graffiti Crew. Giving God glory with their art! Hit the link below the pic.

Gospel Graffiti Crew |:

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Episode 60: Brinson, Big Redd, Voices of Unity

What's good Kingdom peeps?

Thanks for taking time to visit our website. It's humbling and we appreciate it. We focused on music again this week to let the music speak for itself. If you want to hear a specific artist or song on the show, let us know by calling 775-375-KMRS, e-mailing us at, or leave a comment at the bottom of this post. This week we're breaking a new song by Big Redd, playing new Brinson and Voices of Unity featuring Deitrick Haddon and Faith Evans. You know there's plenty of ministry heat in the rest of the songs too. Let's get to the playlist.

Download the show here if you want to listen to it on your MP3 player.

Here is this week's playlist.
    Song - Artist (Album) Links
Hour 1

Hour 2
16. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* I'm Alcam - Alcam (Rais'n The Bar) FREE DOWNLOAD
18. Get Low - P-Dub & Bizzle (Best of Both Worlds the Album) Buy It Here

We hope something was stirred up in you to be Kingdom Minded!

Grace and Peace,

W w W

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Episode 59: New Trip Lee, Reconcile, & T.Haddy on the Track!

What's good everybody?

Thanks for taking the time to visit our site. We hope you enjoy the show and are encouraged in the word that flows through the music. We got that new Trip Lee, Reconcile, and Json this week. You'll find some classic Ambassador, Redd Lettaz and T.Haddy is on about 4 tracks. Mephstaddox dropped another freestyle that we featured this week.

We got a request you. Our family, Battleground City can get 2 songs on secular radio if we all vote for their songs over at Please take 2 minutes to head over and vote for Battleground City's "Prayer for My City" and Psalm Star ft The Messenger & The Ark "Warrior." You can vote once a day. Let's rally and get these songs on secular radio next week by all voting! 

Feel free to download the show here.

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Here is this week's playlist!

           Song Title - Artist (Album) Links
Hour 1
 5. Run Through - Marathon (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD

Hour 2
*** Kingdom Minded Birthday Roll Call! ***
23. More Than Rap - B-Free (The Story of Free) FREE DOWNLOAD
28. Psalm 1 -  from 

We hope something was stirred up in you to be Kingdom Minded!

Until next week,

Grace and Peace! - W w W