Friday, December 29, 2023

Episode 500: Richie Righteous Interview

In this episode, we give Richie his flowers while he's still crushing it for Christ! We also discuss some pivotal moments in his career, the transition to pastoral service, and what the future holds for him. You don't want to miss this great conversation!

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Greetings Kingdom people,

You are officially invited to check out the most recent Kingdom Minded Show that aired on Strictly Hip Hop 90.7 FM in Peoria, IL. It features some great music from 2023, with few throwbacks. If you've been blessed by the show, let us know by giving feedback. You can e-mail #ListenSeekGrow Let's go!

Here is the playlist:

DJ3W the Water Walkin Warrior - KMS Sweeps Intro
Bizzle - I Go (feat. Dee-1)
Ishurboi - Find a Way
Reconcile - You Know
Chicago Cypher - GOD DID
Joshua Penn - Testify
iNTELLECT - The Soulution (feat. Kaboose & DJ Sean P)
Eshon Burgundy - Lost Sheep ft. Evyr, Harlem 7 Kinsington
Gifted Tha Flamethrowa - Keep Moving+
JustMic - Never Alone
A.I. The Anomaly - Hekima
Bridgewater - Stardust
iiAmJudah - Go To Hell
Richie Righteous; CHOYCE - STILL LIVIN'
Sherwin Gardner - Over Me
Nathanael - Touch From You
Steven Malcolm - 40
Angie Rose, Wingy Danejah & Biancallove - Grace On Me
Mike Teezy - Worship
Derek Minor - HALLELUJAH
Porsha Love - Helga
Rockstar JT - Stick
Sean C. Johnson - Last Breath
Dwayne Fyah - Jesus Issa Must
Cephas & Datin - Every Knee Shall Bow
Jeremiah Bligen - I Will Not Stop (feat. Cutright)
HeavenOnEarth - DIGITAL
A.I. The Anomaly - Time (feat. Selah the Corner)
Military Mindset Productions And Dre Murray - A Beautiful Soul Conflicted Soul
Trip Lee - Standby (feat. Hulvey)
Mali Music - The Job Experience

Monday, September 25, 2023