Saturday, December 3, 2011

Episode 46: B-Shock, Creature Clan, Keisha Dream, BenEvol

Season's greetings everyone!

Thanks for visiting the site. Head down to the bottom of your screen and click play to listen to the show. Feel free to explore the links and download some music. We've got new music by B-Shock, BenEvol, Keisha Dream, and D-Maub/Eric Cross. We added one Christmas song and will be adding a little more next week.

Speaking of next week...we are celebrating 1 year of producing and airing the show on WAZU Peoria 90.7 FM!!!!!! We want you to help us celebrate by calling our Google voice line at 775-375-KMRS and leaving a "Congratulations on 1 Year!" shout out for us that we can play during next Saturday's show. If you've been blessed by the show in any way, please share how also. 

You can listen online at the link here for from 2-4 PM CST and at from 7-9 PM EST. Then if you miss either of those times, you can listen here 24/7.

If you want to download the show, we got you too. Click the links below to download.

Here's the playlist!
        Artist - Song (Album) 
Hour 1
 1. Gideonz Army ft T-Haddy - Jesus Piece (Mainstream) Buy It Here
 2. Chris Lee Cobbins ft PRo - All About You (The Medicine) Buy It Here
 3. Trip Lee ft Sho Baraka - I Love Music (Between Two Worlds) Buy It Here
*  Instrumental by Wes Pendleton
 4. BenEvol - Authentic Rhymes 2 (Authentic Rhymes 2) FREE SINGLE DOWNLOAD  Album Teaser Video 
 5. Sean C. Johnson - I Shall Not Be Moved (Simply A Vessel Vol. 1) Buy It Here
 6. Kareem Manuel ft PRo - Endure (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
 7. Sean Simmonds - Fire Proof (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
*  Instrumental is "Sticks and Stones" off of Brothatone's "Mic Check"
 8. Sivion - Celebrate the Son (An Illect Christmas) Buy It Here
 9. justWORD - Good Morning (The Transfiguration) FREE DOWNLOAD
10. Brian Moore - You Gave Me Life (The Musician) Exclusive Song by Local Artist
11. KB - I Can't Play The Background (Who Is KB?) FREE DOWNLOAD
*  Instrumental by Wit from the Hell's Paradise album
12. B-Shock ft Anonymous, D-MAUB & Topspin - Right Look (We Are The Movement) Buy It Here
13. Tay Clemons ft B-U - Free (Single) Buy It Here
14. Lesun - The World Needs A Savior (The Difference) Buy It Here

Hour 2
*  Instrumental by Beat Mekanicz Prod ft After Edmund on "Shut Us Down" from Sho Baraka's "Lions & Liars"
15. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Armor - Suspended in Time Freestyle (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
16. Identity ft B-Free - Gospel (You Are God Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
17. Deitrick Haddon - Power (Church On The Moon) Buy It Here
*  Instrumental by K-Beatz
18. Creature Clan aka D-MAUB & Eric Cross - Images (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
19. Tryenyse Jones - Show Me (Resilient) Buy It Here
20. eshon burgundy - The Storm (Blood Bought) "Name Your Price" Download
*  Instrumental by Infantry Beats
21. Willie Johnson - What Will You Do (Spoken Word) Exclusive Kingdom Minded Feature!
22. The Ambassador - Mind Made Up (Stop The Funeral) Buy It Here
23. The Voice - #loudandclear (#loudandclear) FREE DOWNLOAD
*  Instrumental is "I Believe God" off D-MAUB's "Death Before Dishonor"
24. Keisha Dream - Teach Me How To Love (Single) Rel. Date: Jan. 1
25. Redd Lettaz - Boom Pop (Single) Buy It Here  Official Video
26. Redd Lettaz - C.O.A.T.I.C. Skit (Undarate Me Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
*  Instrumental by justWORD
27. BattleGround City All-Stars - Warriors (City Of Ashes Vol. 1) FREE DOWNLOAD
*  Instrumental from Sean C. Johnson's "Does Anybody" (Simply A Vessel: Faithful Vol. 2)
28. Lecrae - Take Me As I Am (Real Talk) Buy It Here  Video with Lyrics

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Until next week,

Grace and Peace - W w W

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