Monday, March 7, 2011

Get Ready Central Illinois! We are making plans to bring this to you!

k-Drama, D-MAUB and Yaves the Street Pastor announce plans for The inDEPENDENCY Tour 2011
Midwest Christian hip hop artists unite for impactful and energetic Spring and Summer concert tour
January 2011- If you are familiar with the work of these Christian rap artists then you are already aware of the impact that their music has had on young and old alike. If this is an introduction for you to the ministries of D-MAUB, k-Drama, and Yaves the Street pastor then you are in for a treat. The dynamic music and lively personalities of these young men make for an unforgettable concert-and the message they leave the audience with is one of hope and promise. The inDEPENDENCY tour will bring together some of today’s hottest artists in the Christian Hip Hop genre from the Midwest. The artists have put together an unforgettable concert as well as optional workshops on subjects such as living a holy lifestyle and surviving in the music industry as an independent artist.
D-MAUB (One Route Entertainment) brings an unmatched energy and enthusiasm for the Word of God, and his unique delivery style captivates audiences. 
K-Drama (Cross Movement Records) is known for his playful, humble nature while still being an example of a mighty man of God. 
Yaves the Street Pastor (Sling Shot Media Group) delivers a gift of story telling through music, providing real life application as he displays the joy and peace that only Christ can bring.

 Separately these artists have been changing the face of Urban gospel, combined this tour will be one to remember and one that will change the lives of those present.

Stay tuned for more information regarding this tour!
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