Sunday, March 27, 2011

Amba's Back and Scapegoats in the House (March 26th Show)

Greetings Kingdom Minded listeners,

Welcome to the Kingdom Minded Show website.  We've got some new independent artists for you this week as well as an interview with Da Scapegoat.  He just happened to be in town and we had a chance to hang out for a while.  We've got a link to his Facebook page below, so head over there and give him some support. 

We also have information about the Exodus Movement concerts on April 9th and 10th.  On the April 9th at 5:30, they will be at the UCON Conference held at the Dream Center and on Sunday, April 10th they will be at Northwoods Community Church for the 9 am and 11 am youth services.  You really don't want to miss this event.  Exodus Movement is a nationally know group and are guaranteed to bring the Gospel in a way you won't forget.

Ambassador is back with a new song and album.  We've got the song for you right here at Kingdom Minded.

June 18th is a reunion of Crusaders for Christ, a former Peoria Gospel group.  Click here for more info.

Enough news, here's the playlist.

          Song - Artist (Album)
  1. Kingdom Minded - J. Crum aka Preach (Kingdom Minded) FREE DOWNLOAD
  2. Incredible - Jai ft. Thi'sl (Incredible single)
  3. Raised in the Hood - Broken (True Freedom)
  4. Anger Management - Lecrae ft. Thi'sl (Rehab: The Overdose)
  5. Reborn - Mark Arthur ft. Michelle Bonilla (Under The Radar Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  6. Stand - His Work (We Are His Work)
  7. My Eyes - Cam (My Eyes)
  8. Call Him - Big Fil ft. Javon Mackenzy (The 3 AM Mixtape: Applied) FREE DOWNLOAD
  9. Real Talk - PRo (PSA Vol. 2) FREE DOWNLOAD
  10. Savior - Exodus Movement (ReDefinition)
  11. True Love - Madd Potential (True Love single)
  12. Backlash - Readywriter ft. C-Straight (Backlash single)
  13. Wake Up - Sicily (Welcome to the Funeral)
  14. Baby, You're A Star - Deitrick Haddon (Church on the Moon)
  15. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Hold You Down - J. Johnson (The Anointing) FREE DOWNLOAD
  16. Brief Interview with Da Scapegoat
  17. Holy Ghost Party Don't Stop - Da Scapegoat (Holy Ghost Party Don't Stop single)
  18. The Way You Do It - Pastor AD3 ft. Swoope (The Way You Do It single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  19. Because Of Your Love - The Ambassador (Stop the Funeral) 
  20. Keep My Name Out Your Mouf - D-M.A.U.B. (Inside Out)
  21. Play With My Heart - Chris Lee Cobbins (The Medicine)
  22. Coming Home - Denise Powell (Coming Home single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  23. Same Movement - Young Joshua ft. K-Drama & Level 3:16 (Thinking Out Loud:Special Edition)
  24. Crusaders For Christ single and promo 
  25. For Me - L.A.R.O. (For Me single)
  26. One Good Time - Da Navigator (Dark Chronicles Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  27. The Name - eshon burgundy (The Name single)
  28. Holiness of God - Lampmode Records ft. Shai Linne & Timothy Brindle (Grassroots Vol. 1) FREE DOWNLOAD
We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Grace and peace,

Mr. Rob and the Water Walkin' Warrior

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