Saturday, May 5, 2012

Episode 67: Creature Clan Interview

Good afternoon everyone!

Today we are featuring an in depth interview with D-MAUB and Eric Cross AKA The Creature Clan. We've got a few new songs and took you out west for our Fa Sho Shot by Qheem the Redeemed as well as a Phat Freestyle by Bizzle. You can listen to the show right here or at from 2-4 PM CST and from 7-9 PM EST tonight. Feel free to download the show for your iPod or to listen to in your car at the links below.

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Here is your playlist
    Song - Artist (Album) Links
Hour 1
 1. So Amazing - eshon burgundy (Blood Bought) Buy It Here
 2. Fireproof - Sean Simmonds (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
**Creature Clan Interview Part 1**
 4. Play With My Heart - Chris Lee Cobbins (The Medicine) Buy It Here
 5. **FA SHO SHOT** Jehovah Dose - Qheem the Redeemed (Body Language) Buy It Here
 6. Church Clothes - Lecrae (Church Clothes) FREE DOWNLOAD  Official Video
 7. In Spite of Me - Michelle Bonilla (In Spite Of Me) Buy It Here
**Creature Clan Interview Part 2**
 9. Spot Me - K-Drama ft Matthew Bracey (We Fit: The Workout Plan) Buy It Here

Hour 2
10. **PHAT FREESTYLE OF THE WEEK** Think Good Things Freestyle - Bizzle (The Messenger Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
11. Pray For Spiritual Strenght (Eph 3:14-21) - Christcentric (The Ephesians Project) Buy It Here  Official Video
**Creature Clan Interview Part 3**
13. Prayer For My City - Battleground City All-stars (City of Ashes Vol 2) FREE DOWNLOAD  Official Video
14. Grand Finale - Young Fiyah (Fiyahworks) Buy It Here
**Creature Clan Interview Part 4**
16. Canon - Knine (Robots Have Feelings Too) FREE DOWNLOAD

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded! 

Until next week...Grace and Peace.

W w W

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