Saturday, May 25, 2013

Episode 113: 5 W/ Cyclone, New Bizzle, Lecrae, Viktory

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We appreciate every single one of you that have tuned in to the show. We hope you've been blessed by it. Today, we are featuring Cyclone in our "5 W/ Your Fave" feature. We are welcoming DJ Mayday back with another MegaMixx and he's going to be a regular feature on the show. If you want to hear him do any custom mixes, let us know what you songs you want to hear and we'll let him know. His personal website is You'll also hear new music by Bizzle and Lecrae today. 

Before we go any further, we want to also say congratulations to all the graduates in this season!

You can download the show for FREE here.

Here is your playlist. Enjoy and be blessed!

     Artist - Song (Album)
 1. Sean Simmonds - Fireproof (Long Story Short: The Genesis EP)
 2. Canon - Good To Go (Blind World)
 3. D-Maub - I'm Me (The Missing Peace)
 4. Christon Gray ft Kelly Kelz & Dre Murray - Ask (Body Art)
 5. Mali Music - Ready Aim (Single)
 6. **FA SHO SHOT** Big Fil ft Rkitect - Oh My God (Single)
 7. J Moss - God's Got It (V4)
 8. Tedashii ft Shane & Shane - Finally (Blacklight)
 9. Bizzle - Dear Hip Hop (The Good Fight)
10. W.L.A.K. ft Christon Gray & Dre Murray - Long Way Down (WLAK)
11. **FIVE WITH YOUR FAVE** This week's feat. artist is Cyclone 
12. Cyclone - Ice Cream Truck (High Wire Act)
13. Selah the Corner ft Eddie Nigma & Datin - Where I'm From (Hoodie Season Mixtape hosted by DJ YNOT)

Hour 2
14. **PHAT FREESTYLE OF THE WEEK** Bizzle ft Sevin & KamBINO - Benz, Beamer or Bentley Freestyle (The Messenger 2 Mixtape)
15. Mr. Del - Sunglasses (Faith Walka)
  • DJ Mayday Intro - Fort Minor - Remember The Name (Instrumental)
  • Andy Mineo - AYO
  • JSon ft. Chris Lee - Behind The Clouds
  • Nevel Sisters ft. Lecrae - He's AAAble
  • T'Juan - It's My Time
  • Tedashii - Brand New
  • Jai ft. Thi'sl - Incredible
  • Fadacy Music - 12:2
  • Canton Jones - All Day Jesus
  • Forever - Put Me In
  • Willie P-Dub Moore Jr. - Young Fly Saved Remix
  • Knine - Work
  • Trip Lee - One Sixteen
  • JSon ft. Spec - Work
17. Ruslan ft Beleaf & The Break - In My Heart (Carry On)
18. Viktory - Relentless 4ever (R4)
19. Chris Cobbins - Better (Better: A Fan Appreciation Album)
20. Identity - Get Off (Identity Crisis)
21. Zone Out - KB ft Chris Cobbins (Weight & Glory)
22. Psalm Star ft Ridge the Kid & Live That Truth - Got One Life (City Bus Chronicles Vol 1)
23. R-Swift ft Social Club - Rain Drops (Apply Pressure)
24. Lecrae ft B.O.B. - Round of Applause (Single)

We hope something was stirred up in you to be Kingdom Minded.

Until next week...grace and peace.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Episode 112: Rob "The Ark" Mercury, New Json, Dre Murray, DJ Mayday

Good afternoon!

Thanks for visiting the website today. We are featuring Battleground City's Rob "The Ark" Mercury in our "5 Minutes With Your Fave" spot. If you are in Central IL and need a DJ for your summer outreach, hit us up for scheduling. We'd love to come and be a part of your event. Our phone is 775-375-KMRS. Our e-mail is

Here is you playlist. Enjoy.

Hour 1
 1. DJ Official ft Lecrae, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, & Trip Lee - On My 116 (Entermission)
 2. Kierra Sheard - Trumpets Blow (Single)
 3. Applejaxx ft Trini - Passion Fruit (Organic)
 4. Cy ft Young Joshua - Godz-illa (High Wire Act)
 5. Mary Mary - Go Get It (Something Big)
 6. **FA SHO SHOT**  Alcam - Turn It Up (Single)
 7. Canton Jones ft SeDa & Messenja - Big Remix (Dominionnaire Remixed)
 8. Identity - Long Live The King (Long Live The King)
 9. D-Maub - I'm Me (The Missing Peace)
10. Json ft Steve T - Brand New (Growing Pains)
11. **5 W/ YOUR FAVE** Rob "The Ark" Mercury featured this week.
12. Rob "The Ark" Mercury - Deal With God (Originz Of Hip Hop)
13. Thi'sl ft Daphne Rice - In The Morning (Free From The Trap)

Hour 2
14. **PHAT FREESTYLE OF THE WEEK** Priest - Ignorant Freestyle (Barcode Boys Mixtape Vol 1)
15. Lecrae ft Mali Music - Tell The World (Gravity)
16. Chris Jackson - Call Your Name (No Pressure Mixtape)
17. Redd Lettaz ft Tommy Cree VII (ReFocus)
18. Andy Mineo - Ayo! (Heroes For Sale)
19. Jor'Dan Armstrong - Tropicana (Stronger)
20. Jah Rock'n Prod. ft K-Drama & The Breax - Ima Christian (Ima Christian Mixtape)
21. Json ft Spec - Work (Single)
22. Ambassador - Mind Made Up (Stop The Funeral)
23. DJ Mayday *In The Cut*
24. Dre Murray - 7913 (Single)
25. Mali Music - Ready Aim (Single)
26. L.I.F.E. Camp - Lost and Found (Single)

We hope something is stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded.

Until next week...grace and peace.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Episode 111: Redd Lettaz "ReFocus'es", Brinson, K-Drama, The MB

Good afternoon.

Welcome to the page. We've got a busy afternoon, so this post will be kind of brief. We'll the playlist up in a bit. We were honored to have Redd Lettaz as our feature artist in the "5 Minutes With Your Fave" this week. We'll post the link to download the show and update the playlist later today.

Download the show here for FREE!

Here is your playlist. Enjoy!

Hour 1
Yaves Ellis - OD Remix
Chris Jackson - Incredible
3MG - Jesus Piece Remix
Chris Cobbins - Shooter
DJ DMD - 25 Bibles on My Dresser
Erica Cumbo - Live Out Loud
Psalm Star - Got One Life
Ready Writer - Paradyme Shift
Da Truth - Hope
*5 W/ Your Fave Redd Lettaz is in the artist chair this week!
Redd Lettaz - No Reason

Hour 2
*PHAT FREESTYLE OF THE WEEK* SM Souljah - Begin With The End Freestyle
Verbal Kwest - Believer
7vnseal - Holy Darts
Trini - Hero
Red Dott - Turn Me Up
Lecrae - Tell The World
Identity - Welcome Home
Cash Hollistah - goRilla
Brinson - Jesus Is My Bodyguard
Justword - Fresho
V.Rose - Turn Up Your Light
D-Maub - How Long
Tha GIM - A New Day
Level 3:16 - Do It Today
The MB - Blessings Coming
BenEvol - GOD

We hope something is stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded.

Until next week...grace and peace.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Episode 110: Chris Jackson, Bizzle, Redd Lettaz

Good afternoon everyone!

Thanks for visiting the website. We have an exciting show for you this week. We caught up with Mr. "Rear View Mirror" himself, Chris Jackson. He filled us in on the new mixtape and what we can look forward to. We've got tha brand new single by Bizzle and Sevin as well as a Redd Lettaz joint that will have you asking yourself, "Are you serious?"

Make sure you plan to come to the FREE Brinson concert tonight at Days of Grace Fellowship. The address is 273 E Queenwood Rd in Morton, IL. It starts at 7 PM and you don't want to miss this energy packed, dynamic night of ministry by Brinson and local group Identity. Come out and support the movement of God through hip hop and see for yourself that He can use this for good.

You can download the show here for FREE if you like.

Here your your playlist. Enjoy and be encouraged!

      Artist - Song (Album)
Hour 1
 1. Lavoisier ft Bizzle - Do This Everyday (Single)
 2. Lisa McClendon - Rock Star (Single)
 3. Black Knight ft Rhema Soul & Chris Cobbins - Bags Down (The Break In)
 4. Brinson - Hit The Floor (No Other Heroes)
 5. Redd Lettaz - Are You Serious? (Single)
 6. **FA SHO SHOT** Braille - Feel It (Native Lungs)
 7. Mary Mary - Walking (Something Big)
 8. Lecrae - Confe$$ions (Gravity) Catch the video on BET's "106th & Park"
 9. His Work - Stand (We Are His Work)
10. Mali Music - The Job Experience (Single)
11. Deitrick Haddon - King (Church On The Moon)
12. **5 With Your Fave** Chris Jackson is this week's feat. artist!
13. Chris Jackson ft D.Tropp - Incredible (No Pressure Mixtape)
14. eshon burgundy - Close To The S.U.S.E.J. (The Fire Escape - Re-issued)
15. Jeremiah - Hurts The Most (Before I Wake)

Hour 2
16. **PHAT FREESTYLE OF THE WEEK** ALCAM - Ransom Freestyle
17. Jor'Dan Armstrong - Alibi (Stronger)
18. BenEvol ft Redd Lettaz & JustThoughtz - TURNMEUPSOME (Authentic Rhymes 2)
19. W.L.A.K. - Imagine (W.L.A.K.)
20. Joint Heirs ft Andale - beleevuh (Hypocrite)
21. Bizzle ft Sevin - My Confessions (The Good Fight)
22. Tru-Serva & DiJohn - Who I Am (The Surrender Sound)
23. Identity - Welcome Home (You Are God)
24. Brinson - Don't Rap No More (O.M.G.)
25. K-Drama - FWD (Single)
26. Wit & Dre Murray ft Sean Johnson & eshon burgundy - Ego (Single)
27. Kelly Kelz & Benjah - All I Need (Single)
28. Selah Tha Corner - El Presidente (Hoodie Season Mixtape hosted by DJ YNot)
29. Ready Writer - Little Letter (Single)
30. Got One Life - Psalm Star (City Bus Chronicles)

We hope something was stirred up in you to be Kingdom Minded.

Until next week...grace and peace.