Saturday, January 28, 2012

Episode 54: Thi'sl, Trev Eaz, and Memorial to Arie

God bless all you Kingdom people out there!
On this week's show we are featuring new tunes by Thi'sl, Trev Eaz, Battleground City, Scooda, and True. We also took a moment to remember Ariane Noelle Patterson. She was a young lady that went home to be with the Lord on January 17th. She led a life surrendered to Christ and there's no doubt that she's in heaven living it up now. Please take a moment to pray for her family as they mourn her loss and celebrate her life. You can visit the Facebook memorial page for her HERE.

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Let's get to the playlist!
     Artist - Song (Album) - Links (Bear w/ us as we get them plugged in)
Hour 1
* Opening instrumental alway by DJ Scott La Rock (Tweaked by DJ WwW)
* Instrumental by Freddie Bruno
 4. 7vnseal ft Sivion & Gifted Da Flamethrowa - How You Livin'? (Keep My Boots Madd Muddy Platoon Vol 1) FREE DOWNLOAD
 5. Braille - Feel It (Native Lungs) FREE DOWNLOAD
 6. Jas Knight ft Estee & Da Truth - Psalm 91 (The Psalter) Buy It Here
 7. Jas Knight ft Estee & Da Truth - Psalm 91 Outro (The Psalter) Buy It Here
 8. *FA SHO SHOT!* Izreal - Tell Me Something I Don't Know (Loser) FREE DOWNLOAD
 9. Sean Simmonds - Fire Proof (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
10. Only 1 Way - I Am (Breakthru) Buy It Here  Official Video
* "Half of Me" Instrumental from Sho Baraka's "Lions and Liars"
11. Brothatone - Congratulations (Mic Check) FREE DOWNLOAD
12. Kenn Orr - Home (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
13. Deitrick Haddon - Well Done (Church On The Moon) Buy It Here
* "No Worries" Instrumental from Trip Lee "Between Two Worlds"
14. Trip Lee - Robot (The Good Life) FREE SINGLE DOWNLOAD  Promo Video

Hour 2
*Classic Break Beat (Apostle E on the sample)
15. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Redd Lettaz, Ackdavis, & Skrpcha - Neo Freestylin' Watch The Video Here
16. Thi'sl ft Pastor AD3 - Beautiful Mind (Beautiful Monster) Buy It Here
17. Mali Music - The Job Experience (Single) Buy It Here  Official Video
18. Trev Eaz - Up (TDA: The Disappearing Act) FREE SINGLE DOWNLOAD
19. Godz Messenger - In The Storm (Single) Buy It Here
20. Brinson ft Aye Day Fothousand - Goin' God (O.M.G.) Buy It Here  Official Video
21. The Messenger ft The Ark & Yave Ellis - Lower Case I (The Lord Is My Ghost Writer) Exclusive leak
* Birthday Shout Outs * (Song loop from Lecrae "Hands High")
22. Scooda ft Robbie Jerome & STLien - Soap Bars (Out The Box) Exclusive Leak
23. Chris Lee Cobbins ft PRo - All About You (The Medicine) Buy It Here
24. Lecrae - Indwelling Sin (Rebel) Buy It Here
25. Sean C. Johnson - It Ain't Worth It (Simply A Vessel: Faithful Vol. 2) Buy It Here
27. Christcentric - Unity In The Body 4:1-16 (The Ephesians Project) Buy It Here
28. Priest - Gladiator (Almost Revealed Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
* Infantry Beats Instrumental
29. Dawkins & Dawkins - Pray For Me (From Now On) Buy It Here

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

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Until next week...

Grace and peace - W w W

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Episode 53: Trip Lee, Big Fil, and The Messenger

What’s up everyone?

We are happy to bring you the new singles by Trip Lee and Big Fil this week. Congratulations to Lecrae on winning a Stellar award for Rehab: The Overdose. We added a couple features this week if you haven’t listed for a while. We’re playing a Kingdom Minded “Fa Sho Shot” that is a song I heard during the week and it just screamed “Play me this week!!!!.” We also started a Kingdom Minded Birthday Shout Out List using Lecrae’s “Hands High” as the background. Send us a message if you want us to mention someone’s birthday or yours. As of right now, we’re using Facebook to see whose birthday is coming up during the week the show is streaming.

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Now to the playlist!
Artist – Song (Album)
Hour 1
* Opening instrumental always by DJ Scott La Rock (Tweaked by W w W)
* Instrumental by JustWORD FREE DOWNLOAD
* Instrumental by Wit FREE DOWNLOAD
* Instrumental by Infantry Beats FREE DOWNLOAD
* Instrumental by Tony Stone

Hour 2
* Instrumental by BenEvol FREE DOWNLOAD
15. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Yaves –Look At Me Now Freestyle
* Instrumental by K-Beatz
21. B-Free – More Than Rap (The Story ofFree)  Exclusive Leak (Release Date 2/10)
* Instrumental by eshon “Bombay” burgundy Buy It Here
* Kingdom Minded Birthday Shout outs (Clip from Lecrae’s “Hands High” Single)
* Instrumental by Wes Pendleton

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Until next week,

Grace and peace - W w W

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Rhyme Perspective: Stephen Maddox | Praverb Dot Net

Check it out! One of the artists that we feature on our "Phat Freestlye of the Week" was featured in an interview on Praverb.Net!

Way to rep the King of kings Mephstaddox! Keep flowing in the Spirit as you drop those dope "off the top of the dome" rhymes my brother.

The Rhyme Perspective: Stephen Maddox | Praverb Dot Net:

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Episode 52: Exclusive Interview w/ Lil Switcha of Identity, New B-Free, DJ Transform

What's good everyone?! 
We've got an exclusive interview with Greg Rufus aka Lil' Switcha of Identity this week. Check out the interview as we ask about the group, albums, tour and his thoughts on the relevancy of Christian hip hop in today's generation. We've also got new music by B-Free, DJ Transform, and D-MAUB. 

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Here's this weeks playlist!

      Artist - Song (Album)
Hour 1
* Opening Instrumental by DJ Scott LaRock, tweaked by WwW
 4. * Exclusive Interview with Lil' Switcha of Identity Part 1 Lil' Switcha's Twitter
 7. * Kingdom Minded Fa Sho Shot! *
10. * Exclusive Interview with Lil' Switcha of Identity Part 2

Hour 2
14. * Kingdom Minded Phat Freestyle of the Week *
15. Tom Ason - I'm Black Spoken Word (Sho Baraka's "Lions & Liars") Buy It Here
18. * Exclusive Interview with Lil' Switcha of Identity Part 3
24. * Exclusive Interview with Lil' Switcha of Identity Part 4

We hope something was stirred up to be more Kingdom Minded!

Until next week...Grace and Peace!

W w W

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Episode 51: Cam, Shai Linne, eshon burgundy...

(The sound and video don't really line up. Oops. Gotta check the settings next time.)

Greetings everyone!
Thanks for visiting the website. We're featuring new music this week by Cam, Shai Linne, Dawkins & Dawkins, eshon burgundy, and Knine. We also started a new feature called the "Kingdom Minded Fa' Sho Shot" where we play the song that jumped out at us the most during the last week. We would really like your feed back. If you've had any kind of experience or been blessed by the show, leave a comment at the bottom of the page or call us at 775-375-KMRS to leave a message for us.

Congratulations to Da Messenger from Marion, IN and his new wife. They got married last weekend. We also need to congratulate Shai Linne. He and his wife Blair (spoken word artist) were blessed with a son this last week. Bless God for both the awesome life changing events that took place in these artists lives.

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Now to the playlist!

     Artist - Song (Album)
Hour 1
*Intro Instrumental always by DJ Scott LaRock
* JustWORD instrumental
* "X-Men" instrumental by Gift Instrumentals
* Instrumental by BenEvol

Hr 2
* Xperiment Beats Instrumental
15. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Alcam - Let It Bump (Raise'n The Bars Mixtape) 
* Infantry Beats Instrumental
20. Battleground City - Prayer for My City (Single) Dedication to the violence that occurred in Tucson, AZ last January
* Sean C. Johnson's "Does Anybody" instrumental
* Sho Baraka's "Me, Myself and I" instrumental
* Wes Pendleton instrumental

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Until next week...

Grace and peace! - W w W