Monday, February 14, 2022

Happy Valentine's Day!

Join my Aretha aka Mrs. 3W and I on this week's show for a great conversation with Dashawn "Redeemed" Robinson and his wife, Amanda. As we discuss music, ministry, marriage/relationship podcasts, and their clothing line. The show also has plenty of great love songs for Valentine's day this year. 

Don't forget to check out the "This Function Family Podcast" and the clothing line "Free The Souls"

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Reach Records Releases GAWVI From Label


Due to behavior that is inconsistent with our core values we have ended our professional relationship with GAWVI.  

This was a tough decision for us because of the level of complexity and because we invest in our artists not just for their talent, but also as brothers and sisters in Christ. This is something we have been processing for over a year and have wrestled with what would be the right way forward. New details that have been provided to us made us realize today’s decision was necessary. We also want our actions to be a reflection of love, care and concern for those who fail and those who are affected by our failures. 

Each of us needs God’s grace and we invite you to pray for the families and individuals whose lives are being impacted. This is not a chance to throw anybody away. We continue to hope for restoration to be the outcome.

— Reach Records 

Let's lift up all involved as it sounds like this was not an easy decision and has been heavy within Reach Records for a little while now. Lord, heal, restore and renew all involved. In Jesus name, Amen.