Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Exodus Movement Promo Video

Check out this promo video by Exodus Movement. They will be right here in Peoria in April. The new album is out March 1st. Don't sleep on this one. It's gonna be a banger!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kingdom Minded Playists for February 5th and 12th

What's good Peoria? We hope you enjoyed the last two weeks shows.  Due to technical difficulties, we were unable to air "The Love Episode" before Valentine's Day.  We will be airing it this coming Saturday from 1 to 3 pm on WAZU 90.7 FM.  If you would like to call in and leave an "I Love You" shout out to your spouse, you can call 775-375-KMRS.  We need all submissions by Wednesday night (2/16).

Below is the playlist for the last two weeks.  You can click on the song and it will take you to a website where you can either buy the song or download it for FREE.  The majority of these songs are available on iTunes and Amazon.com as well.  A trusted site that you can find most downloads for $7.99 is www.holyculturedownload.com.  You can find news and information about new music at www.dasouth.com also.  Let us know if you want any songs to be in regular rotation by calling us at 775-375-KMRS or e-mailing us at kingdommindedradio@gmail.com.

Grace and Peace,

Mr. Rob and the Water Walkin' Warrior

Episode 8 Playlist   [Artist  -  Song  (Album)]
  1. Jai feat. Thi'sl - Incredible - (Incredible - Single)
  2. Json feat. Trubble - City Lights (City Lights)
  3. Flame feat. Lecrae - Joyful Noise (Our World Redeemed)
  4. Hazakim - Shamayim of Gold (Theophanies)
  5. Cam - My Eyes (My Eyes)
  6. Sean Slaughter - Flesh Killa (Man on Fire)
  7. David Michael feat. Kevin Nathaniel - Lonely Road Remix (The Underground)
  8. Mark Arthur feat. Michelle Bonilla - Sweet Symphony (The Obligation)
  9. Deitrick Haddon feat. Milliyon- Bended Knees (Church on the Moon)
  10. Wit and Dre Murray feat. R-Swift, Fedel, and Rigz - Reflections (Hell's Paradise) {Free Download}
  11. KamBINO - Who Shot Ya Freestyle (The Preface: Before I Reach Mixtape) {Free Download}
  12. Exodus Movement - Savior (ReDefinition)
  13. eshon burgundy - Anote 4the Hopeless (Blood Bought)
  14. Redd Lettaz - Dah Rush (The Growth Process) {KMS Exclusive - Not released to the general public yet}
  15. Sho Baraka - Oh Well (Lions and Liars)
  16. Tryenyse Jones - Chasing the Wind (Resilient)
  17. PRo - Who to Blame (PSA "The Mixtape") {Free Download}
  18. Listener Call-ins (Background beat by Wit off Hell's Paradise)
  19. Future,Young Josh & K-Drama feat. Fitzgerald - The Body (The Body - Single)
  20. Deitrick Haddon feat. J Moss, Canton Jones, Tye Tribbett, and T-Haddy - Reppin' The Kingdom (Church on the Moon)
  21. Jake Lynn - Krazy Praize (Krazy Praize - Single)
  22. 7vnseal feat. Gifted Da Flamethrower - X2 ("Keep My Boots Mad Muddy" Platoon Vol. 1 Mixtape)
  23. Lecrae - Change (Rebel)
  24. Mary Mary - God In Me (The Sound)
  25. Serene - Bread of Life (Different Strokes) {Free Download}
  26. MIA3 feat. Apollo & Judah - The Prayer (Renewal 101)
  27. D-M.A.U.B. - People Crazy (Inside Out)
  28. Dre Murray - Head Up (Manumit)
  29. Lesun feat. Eric Cross - This is Your Chance (The Difference) {This site is bananas, check it out}

Friday, February 11, 2011

Weekly Playlists for the Kingdom Minded Show

What's good people?  Mr. Rob and I will be placing the weekly playlist for the Kingdom Minded Show here at this blog site for you to see who we're playing.  If we can set it up, we'll put the episode here for you to listen to outside of the normal time frame.  Let us know how you like the show by calling 775-375-KMRS.  We'd love to play your shout out or comment on the air.  Visit our updated Facebook page at www.facebook.com/KingdomMindedShow.  You can also follow us on Twitter at KingdomMindedRS.

Grace and Peace,

The Water Walkin' Warrior