Saturday, May 19, 2012

Episode 69: New Wes P, Ackdavis, and Da Scapegoat

What's up Kingdom peeps?

We got a slammin' show for you today. Wes P dropped a new EP, Ackdavis's "Downtime II" came out, and a good friend, Da Scapegoat has been back in the booth and we have his new song. We're excited also to announce that we have been launched into the atmosphere as of last night. We provided the atmosphere changing music for a street ministry that witnesses and prays for people here in Peoria, IL. It was an awesome time and God was in the midst. 

Thank you for visiting the website. This is your show. Call or text any requests to 775-375-KMRS.

Feel free to download the show here!

Here is your playlist!

       Song - Artist (Album) Links to download or purchase
Hour 1
 1. Light It Up - Sherrod White (Single) Buy It Here
 2. Free - Tay Clemons (Single) Buy It Here
 3. I'm Gone - Big Fil (Stadium Status) Buy It Here
 4. Walk It Like I'm Changed - Fedel (I Live) Buy It Here  Official Video
 5. Trust In God - Soul Tempo (Trust In God) Exclusive Leak! Available Sept. 4th
 6. Survivor - Da Truth ft Suzy Rock & Sean Simmonds (The Whole Truth) Buy It Here
 7. Black Rose - Thi'sl (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD  Official Video
 8. **FA SHO SHOT** One Sixteen - Trip Lee ft KB & Andy Mineo (The Good Life) Buy It Here
 9. To The King - Antonio Neal (Reset Worship Vol 1) Buy It Here
10. Got Jesus - Applejaxx ft Odetta (Organic) Buy It Here
11. A New Day - Tha GIM (Supreme) Buy It Here
12. Who - Sean C Johnson (Simply A Vessel Vol 3: Surrender All) Buy It Here  Official Video
13. Hurt So Bad - Wes Pendleton ft Dre Murray (Nebulus) FREE DOWNLOAD
14. Lullaby - Swoope (Wake Up) Buy It Here
15. Need An Answer - Rhema Soul (Red) Buy It Here
16. Psalm 37 - Jas Knight ft Shai Linne (The Psalter) Buy It Here

Hour 2
17. **PHAT FREESTYLE OF THE WEEK** I'm Changing (freestyle) - Alcam (Rais'n The Bar) FREE DOWNLOAD
18. Finally - Tedashii ft Shane and Shane (Blacklight) Buy It Here
19. I See The Truth - Cam (My Eyes) Buy It Here  Official Video
20. Love Fallen - DJ Official ft Gems, Jahaziel & Benjah (Entermission) Buy It Here  Entermission Website
21. He's Yummy - Da Scapegoat (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
22. Encore - Chris Lee Cobbins ft Pastor AD3 (Get Well Soon) FREE DOWNLOAD
23. Encounter - Battleground City (Ghostbusters Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
24. Champion - MIA3 (Renewal 101) Buy It Here
25. See The Glory - Ackdavis ft Bridge B & Redd Lettaz (Downtime II) FREE DOWNLOAD
26. Power - Flame (Captured) Buy It Here
27. More - Lecrae (Rehab: The Overdose) Buy It Here
28. Champion - T-Haddy (Single) Buy It Here
29. All I Need - Niya (Someday) FREE DOWNLOAD
30. Perfect Fall - Gideonz Army (Mainstream) Buy It Here  Official Video

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Until next week...Grace and Peace!

W w W

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