Saturday, December 31, 2011

Episode 50: Happy New Year! Lecrae, Mali Music, Bizzle

Happy New Year!

We hope you had an awesome Christmas in Christ and felt the Father's love in the holiday. We're gonna keep the party going this week with a line up of some of our favorite songs from 2011. Actually, there were so many we wanted to play that we may make a supplemental mix to fit everyone in that will be available exclusively here on our website. Keep your eyes open for that as we work on it over the next couple of days.

A couple of moments that needed special attention are the platforms that Mali Music and Lecrae were given to minister on this last year. Mali Music being on the BET Music Awards and 106 and Park was huge. Lecrae being on the BET Hip Hop Awards in the cypher was also monumental. Christian hip hop is growing and becoming a little more acceptable, but we can't forget that God is the reason for doing the music. Mali and Lecrae did an excellent job of not compromising their message as their lights shined in the midst of the world. 

Call or text any requests for next week's show to 775-375-KMRS. 
Follow us on Twitter @KingdomMindedRS 
Like our Facebook Page at The Kingdom Minded Show.

Download this week's episode for free here!

Here is the playlist!
      Artist - Song (Album) (Please stop back by to explore the links. We should have them connected in a day or two.)
Hour 1
 1. Sean Simmonds - Fire Proof (Single) Buy It Here
 2. Young Josh, K-Drama & Level 3:16 - Same Movement (Thinking Out Loud Special Edition) Buy It Here  Official Video
 3. Exodus Movement - Savior (ReDefinition) Buy It Here  Official Video
* Tedashii's "Riot" Instrumental
 4. Tedashii - Riot (Blacklight) Buy It Here  Official Trailer Video
 5. Chris Jackson - Rear View Mirror (Single) Buy It Here
 6. Yaves - Somethings Wrong (In Summer's Ear) FREE DOWNLOAD
 7. Kareem Manuel ft PRo - Endure (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
* Infantry Beats Instrumental "Friction" FREE DOWNLOAD
 8. Bink ft Priest - The Asthma Team (Becoming Me Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
 9. Beckah Shae - Put Your Love Glasses On (   ) Buy It Here  Official Video
10. Andy Mineo ft  - In My City (Single) Buy It Here  Official Video  Be Part of the Movement
11. Viktory - Tickin' Away (Birth of a Legacy) Buy It Here  Official Video
* Brothatone's "Reflection" instrumental
12. Bizzle - Beware (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD  Official Video
13. Pastor AD3 ft Swoope - The Way You Do It (No Pain, No Love) Buy It Here
14. Lyrical Soldier - Unconditional (Single) Buy It Here  Official Video

Hour 2
*Sivion's "Everything is Everything" instrumental
15. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Mephstaddox - The Glorious Life FREE DOWNLOAD
16. BenEvol ft Element - Power Of His Name (Authentic Rhymes 2) FREE DOWNLOAD
17. Denise Powell - Let Me Be The One (Free to Flow Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
* tJay & Level 3:16's "Love" instrumental
18. Dee1 - Garden of Eden (I Hope They Hear Me Vol 2) FREE DOWNLOAD  Official Video
19. Da Truth - Alive (The Whole Truth) Buy It Here  Official Video
20. Sean C. Johnson - Welcome (Joy) FREE DOWNLOAD
* Wit and Dre Murray's "HP2.5" instrumental by Wit
21. Psalm Star ft The Ark - It's Your Night (City of Ashes Vol 2) FREE DOWNLOAD
22. Mali Music - The Job Experience (Single) Buy It Here  Official Video
* BMII Instrumental
23. Lecrae - BET Cypher Verse FREE DOWNLOAD
24. Lecrae - Chase That (Rehab: The Overdose) Buy It Here
25. D-M.A.U.B. - I Believe God (Death Before Dishonor) Buy It Here
26. 7vnseal - Recon My Land (7th Brigade) Buy It Here
27. Priest - The Christening Freestyle (In A Perfect World) FREE DOWNLOAD
* Xperiment instrumental
28. Shai Linne - The Glory of God (The Attributes of God) Buy It Here

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Until next week...

Grace and Peace,

The Water Walkin' Warrior

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Episode 49: Merry Christmas! New Andale and Exodus Movement

Merry Christmas!

Today we celebrate the birth of our Savior, the LORD Jesus Christ! Hallelujah!

Along with Christmas music, we have new music by Andale and Joint Heirs and Exodus Movement. There's a whole lot of artists that called in to give you a special Christmas greeting too. We also took an opportunity to ask everyone within our voice to pray for Evangel and Redd Lettaz, who have experienced loss in their family last week. Don't forget to pray for the artists/ministers you listen to on a daily basis. They're men and women of God that need prayer just like us.

Feel free to download this weeks show here as our gift to you!

Thank you to all the artists that called in a greeting or sent music to play this week. As long as we have airtime, you have a platform here.

Here is this week's playlist. (Links will be plugged soon)
           Artist - Song (Album)
Hour 1
 1. BenEvol ft Nyla & Element - Danger (Authentic Rhymes 2) FREE DOWNLOAD
 2. Kenn Orr ft Sean Simmonds - Home (Single) Buy It Here  Official Video
 3. Json ft PRo - Crank It Up (City Lights) Buy It Here
 4. Scribbling Idiots - Jingle Bell Knock (Illect Recordings Christmas) Buy It Here
* Redd Lettaz Instrumental Buy It Here
 5. *KM Fa Sho! Shot* Bizzle ft Lavosier - The Life of Me (The Messenger 3) FREE DOWNLOAD
 6. Benjah & Dillavou - Lov'd Ones Anthem (Psams & Solos Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
 7. Dafari - Merry Christmas (The STAR Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
* DJ Official Instrumental Buy It Here
 8. The Messenger - Hova (The LORD is my Holy Ghost Writer) Exclusive Leak - Available 2/18/12 Battleground City Link
 9. Chris Lee Cobbins ft PRo - All About You (The Medicine) Buy It Here
10. Pettidee ft Verbs & Bonafied - We Three Kings (A Soldier Sound Christmas) FREE DOWNLOAD
11. Christcentric ft BMorr - Spiritual Blessings In Christ (The Ephesians Project) Buy It Here
* "Forever is Tomorrow" instrumental off of Sho Baraka's "Lions and Liars"
12. Redd Lettaz ft Joyia Kelly (wife), Montell Jordan (chorus) & Justin Hart (poem) - Never...feat Joyia Kelly (R.I.P. 12/19/11) Tribute to Joyia Kelly  Testimonial Video from Victory World Church
13. Mark Arthur ft Michelle Bonilla - Sweet Symphony (The Obligation) Buy It Here  Official Video

Hour 2
* Infantry Beats Instrumental FREE DOWNLOAD
14. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Jai Life - This Beat is Hot Freestyle (Eight Tracks 2 iPods) FREE DOWNLOAD
15. Crown One - I'm In Love (I am A Misfit) Buy It Here
16. Knine - The Best Gift Yet (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
17. Rhema Davis - O' Holy Night (Single)
* Redd Lettaz Instrumental Buy It Here
18. Exodus Movement - I Will Worship You (From The Depths) FREE DOWNLOAD
19. Only 1 Way - I Am (BreakThru) Buy It Here  Official Video
* Wit Instrumental FREE DOWNLOAD
20. Kelly Kelz & Sean C Johnson - Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
21. Lecrae ft Tedashii & Trip Lee - 40 Deep (Rehab) Buy It Here
22. Andale & Joint Heirs - Backstabbers (Hypocrite) FREE SINGLE DOWNLOAD
* Redd Lettaz Instrumental Buy It Here
23. Flame, V.Rose & Young Noah - Clear Sight Christmas (Single) Buy It Here
24. SupaDave - Give All Praise (The Love Movement) Buy It Here
* Xperiment Beats Instrumental FREE DOWNLOAD
25. Jake Lynn - Krazy Praize (Single) Buy It Here
26. Dafari - Spread the Word (The STAR Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
*Redd Lettaz Instrumental Buy It Here
27. Roslyn ft Jason Campbell - This Must Be The Place (Christmas Album) FREE DOWNLOAD

Have a very Merry Christmas as you feel the love of Christ this holiday.

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Grace and Peace...
W w W

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Episode 48: The Messenger, Exodus Movement, Brinson Tebowin'

This week we're dropping some new music on you by The Messenger, a member of the Battleground City family out of Tucson, AZ. We also have new joints by Brinson, Exodus Movement and Secret Weapon.

I want to personally say thank you to my co-workers at Samaritan Ministries International for your generosity and encouragement. You have made this Christmas an unforgettable one. I pray God blesses each and every one of you.

If you have a request or want to leave a shout out that we can play on the air, you can call or text 
775-375-KMRS (5677)

Follow us on Twitter @KingdomMindedRS!

Feel free to download the show here!

Here's this weeks playlist...
        Artist - Song (Album)
Hour 1
 3. Only 1 Way - Get It In (   ) Buy It Here  Official Video
 4. The Messenger ft The Ark - You Ain't Gotta Ask (The LORD is My Holy Ghost Ghost Writer) To Be Released in 2012
 6. Sean Slaughter - Blast Off (Hidden Track on The Prototype) Buy It Here
 7. S.O. - God is Like (The 5 Solas Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
* Wit Instrumental FREE DOWNLOAD
 8. Exodus Movement - Jar of Hearts (From the Deep) FREE DOWNLOAD available 12/20/11
11. Dafari - Christmas Worship (    ) FREE DOWNLOAD
* Redd Lettaz Instrumental Buy It Here
13. Jai ft Thi'sl - Incredible (Culture Shock) Buy It Here
14. J. Sky Walker - Jesus 4 President (LOUD) Buy It Here  Official Video

Hour 2
* JustWORD instrumental Buy It Here
15. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* JayEss - Breathe Easy Freestyle (The Good Friday Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD 
16. 116 Clique - Man Up Anthem (Man Up) Buy It Here  Official Video
18. Yaves - Something's Wrong (In Summer's Ear) FREE DOWNLOAD  Official Visual
* eshon "bombay" burgundy instrumental Buy It Here
19. BenEvol ft Redd Lettaz & JustThoughts - TURNMEUPSOME (Authentic Rhymes 2) FREE DOWNLOAD
20. Kelly Kelz ft Benjah - All I Need (Single) Buy It Here
21. Elias - Maria (The Illect Recordings Christmas) FREE DOWNLOAD (Through Dec.)
* Redd Lettaz Instrumental Buy It Here
22. Secret Weapon ft Em-Cee, Judah, Promise, and eshon burgundy - Going On For Life (Secret Weapon Beats) FREE DOWNLOAD
23. Tryenyse Jones - Today (Resilient) Buy It Here
* Gift Instrumental FREE DOWNLOAD
25. Brinson - Tebowing (Tribute to Tim Tebow) Available 12/20 Some proceeds of purchases go to Tebow Foundation!
* Instrumental if "Half of Me" off Sho Baraka's "Lions and Liars"
28. Double - Nothing Gonna Stop Me (D.U.B. Zero EP) Buy It Here
* Ill-It Beats Instrumental
29. Niya - None Like You (Someday) FREE DOWNLOAD

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Grace and Peace,

The Water Walkin' Warrior

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Episode 47: 1 Year Anniversary Show, New JDub, Christcentric, & DAFARI

What's good Kingdom people?

Do you know what today is? It's our anniversary! That's right! Today is our 1 year anniversary of producing and airing the Kingdom Minded Show. We've grown a lot since that first episode a year ago that featured no talking. lol Our territory has expanded and we are on two stations now: WAZU Peoria 90.7 FM and We give all honor and glory to the Most High God for the opportunity to bring Christian hip hop and contemporary Gospel to you on the platform He has given us. We look forward to many more shows and years of ministry. We have new songs by JDub, Christcentric, Dafari and Gifted Da Flamethrowa. We also have a number of call ins by some of your favorite artists and ours. We hope you are inspired by the history of how this show came to be and start striving towards your dreams and goals because of our witness. You even get to hear me, the Water Walkin' Warrior, spit a verse of an original song, but please be gracious. I was just having fun and know I'm not called to be a rapper. lol Oh yeah, and just in case I need to say this for legal purposes, I used Tony Toni Tone's "Anniversary" as a loop in 2 parts of the show. 

Please feel free to download the show here if you like.

 Please give us some feed back if you were blessed by the show today. 
You can call us at 775-375-KMRS to leave a message.
Leave a comment on the page here at the bottom.

Follow us on Twitter @KingdomMindedRS and
like our Facebook page listed under Kingdom Minded show.

Here is the playlist for this weeks special anniversary show!
(We'll have the links plugged in by Monday. It's been a busy week.)

          Artist - Song (Album)
 1.  eshon burgundy - Anote 4 TheHopeless (Blood Bought) Buy It Here  Official Video
 2. Tay Clemons - Free (Single) Buy It Here
 3. Madd Potential - True Love (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
 4. LA Symphony - Christmas Song (An Illect Recordings Christmas Album) Buy It Here
 5. Benjah & Dillavou - More Than Conquerors (Psalms and Solos Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
 6. Bryan Wilson - Ride Out (A Second Coming) Buy It Here
*History of this dream come true called Kingdom Minded*
 7. Brinson ft Mouthpiece & Knine - Don't Rap No More Remix (Maxi Single) Buy It Here
 8. MIA3 - No Shame (Renewal 101) Buy It Here
 9. Rhyme Counsel ft R-Swift - This Christmas (Single) Buy It Here
10. Christcentric ft Ben Otero - A New Life (The Ephesians Project) Buy It Here
11. Sean C. Johnson - Well Done (Simply A Vessel: Faithful Vol. 2) Buy It Here
12. Identity ft B-Free - Gospel (You Are God Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
13. Redd Lettaz ft BenEvol - BCuz (Undarate Me Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD

Hour 2
14. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Mephstaddox - whatchagonnado freestyle FREE DOWNLOAD
15. Jahaziel ft GP, Ambassador & Da Truth - I'm Alive Remix (Still Livin' Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
16. DAFARI - The Star (Christmas Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
17. D-M.A.U.B. - I Believe God (Death Before Dishonor) Buy It Here
18. Sean Simmonds - Fire Proof (Single) Buy It Here
*What's with the name "Kingdom Minded" and how did we get it* - WwW's Rap
19. Exodus Movement - Savior (ReDefinition) Buy It Here  Official Video
20. JDub ft DJ Morph - Stand On It (The 5 Album) Buy It Here
21. Zerubabbel ft Michelle Bonilla - Trust You (Pilgrim Perspective) Buy It Here
22. Radikal Hughes - One Chance (Single) Available Soon!
23. Pastor AD3 - Deeper (No Pain, No Love) Buy It Here
24. BG City ft Poetry Crimson - Can't Stop Us (   ) FREE DOWNLOAD
25. Gifted Da Flamethrowa ft 007 & Pastor Muke - Movement Music (Bulldoze City) Buy It Here

Instrumentals by: JustWORD, Tony Toni Tone', BenEvol, Wit, K-Beatz and some others I'll update.

We hope you were inspired, encouraged, and challenged to be more Kingdom Minded!

Until next week,

Grace and Peace - W w W

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Episode 46: B-Shock, Creature Clan, Keisha Dream, BenEvol

Season's greetings everyone!

Thanks for visiting the site. Head down to the bottom of your screen and click play to listen to the show. Feel free to explore the links and download some music. We've got new music by B-Shock, BenEvol, Keisha Dream, and D-Maub/Eric Cross. We added one Christmas song and will be adding a little more next week.

Speaking of next week...we are celebrating 1 year of producing and airing the show on WAZU Peoria 90.7 FM!!!!!! We want you to help us celebrate by calling our Google voice line at 775-375-KMRS and leaving a "Congratulations on 1 Year!" shout out for us that we can play during next Saturday's show. If you've been blessed by the show in any way, please share how also. 

You can listen online at the link here for from 2-4 PM CST and at from 7-9 PM EST. Then if you miss either of those times, you can listen here 24/7.

If you want to download the show, we got you too. Click the links below to download.

Here's the playlist!
        Artist - Song (Album) 
Hour 1
 1. Gideonz Army ft T-Haddy - Jesus Piece (Mainstream) Buy It Here
 2. Chris Lee Cobbins ft PRo - All About You (The Medicine) Buy It Here
 3. Trip Lee ft Sho Baraka - I Love Music (Between Two Worlds) Buy It Here
*  Instrumental by Wes Pendleton
 4. BenEvol - Authentic Rhymes 2 (Authentic Rhymes 2) FREE SINGLE DOWNLOAD  Album Teaser Video 
 5. Sean C. Johnson - I Shall Not Be Moved (Simply A Vessel Vol. 1) Buy It Here
 6. Kareem Manuel ft PRo - Endure (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
 7. Sean Simmonds - Fire Proof (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
*  Instrumental is "Sticks and Stones" off of Brothatone's "Mic Check"
 8. Sivion - Celebrate the Son (An Illect Christmas) Buy It Here
 9. justWORD - Good Morning (The Transfiguration) FREE DOWNLOAD
10. Brian Moore - You Gave Me Life (The Musician) Exclusive Song by Local Artist
11. KB - I Can't Play The Background (Who Is KB?) FREE DOWNLOAD
*  Instrumental by Wit from the Hell's Paradise album
12. B-Shock ft Anonymous, D-MAUB & Topspin - Right Look (We Are The Movement) Buy It Here
13. Tay Clemons ft B-U - Free (Single) Buy It Here
14. Lesun - The World Needs A Savior (The Difference) Buy It Here

Hour 2
*  Instrumental by Beat Mekanicz Prod ft After Edmund on "Shut Us Down" from Sho Baraka's "Lions & Liars"
15. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Armor - Suspended in Time Freestyle (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
16. Identity ft B-Free - Gospel (You Are God Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
17. Deitrick Haddon - Power (Church On The Moon) Buy It Here
*  Instrumental by K-Beatz
18. Creature Clan aka D-MAUB & Eric Cross - Images (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
19. Tryenyse Jones - Show Me (Resilient) Buy It Here
20. eshon burgundy - The Storm (Blood Bought) "Name Your Price" Download
*  Instrumental by Infantry Beats
21. Willie Johnson - What Will You Do (Spoken Word) Exclusive Kingdom Minded Feature!
22. The Ambassador - Mind Made Up (Stop The Funeral) Buy It Here
23. The Voice - #loudandclear (#loudandclear) FREE DOWNLOAD
*  Instrumental is "I Believe God" off D-MAUB's "Death Before Dishonor"
24. Keisha Dream - Teach Me How To Love (Single) Rel. Date: Jan. 1
25. Redd Lettaz - Boom Pop (Single) Buy It Here  Official Video
26. Redd Lettaz - C.O.A.T.I.C. Skit (Undarate Me Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
*  Instrumental by justWORD
27. BattleGround City All-Stars - Warriors (City Of Ashes Vol. 1) FREE DOWNLOAD
*  Instrumental from Sean C. Johnson's "Does Anybody" (Simply A Vessel: Faithful Vol. 2)
28. Lecrae - Take Me As I Am (Real Talk) Buy It Here  Video with Lyrics

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Until next week,

Grace and Peace - W w W

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Episode 45: Thanksgiving Show and new justWORD

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

We'll have the links plugged in by Monday or Tuesday morning, but you can still peep the playlist to see who made the show. Today we celebrate Thanksgiving by sharing what we're thankful for here at the Kingdom Minded Show. We hope you are led to consider what you're thankful for also. We air on a non-profit station and don't have much of a budget, so don't forget to click the donate button on the side of the page if you feel led to give. 

Feel free to download the show here.

                         Artist - Song (Album)
Hour 1
 1. Thi'sl ft Brothatone - On My Grind (Chronicles of an X-Hustler) Buy It Here
 2. Cam ft Kadence - Raindrop (The Platform) Buy It Here
 3. Cross Movement ft Izreal & Phanatik - Now Who's The Man (History: Our place in His Story) Buy It Here
*  Instrumental by JustWORD
 4. Hazakim - No Not One (Grassroots Vol. 2) FREE DOWNLOAD
 5. Pastor AD3 - Feature Presentation (No Pain No Love) Buy It Here
 6. Radikal Hughes - One Chance (Single)
 7. Lecrae ft Sho Baraka & Jai - Live Free (Rebel) Buy It Here
*  Instrumental is "I Believe God" by D-Maub
 8. K-Drama - Sweat It Out (We Fit: The Workout Plan) Buy It Here
 9. Denise Powell - I'm Free (Free To Flow Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
10. ALCAM - Turn It Up (Single) Buy It Here
*  Instrumental by K-Beatz
11. Brinson & Readywriter - Lightsabers (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
12. eshon burgundy - The Evidence of Things Not Seen (Cleaning Out My Closet) FREE DOWNLOAD

Hour 2
*  Instrumental by Infantry Beats
13. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Redd Lettaz - Jus Rhymin' with Skrpcha: Freestyle '09 (Undarate Me Deluxe Edition) Buy It Here
14. Serene ft. GP - The Reason (Different Strokes) FREE DOWNLOAD
15. Sean C. Johnson - Sun Up Til Sun Down (Simply A Vessel Vol. 1) Buy It Here
*  Instrumental by BMII
16. Da Messenger ft C-Knight - Redeemed (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
17. Tryenyse Jones - Today (Resilient) Buy It Here
*  Instrumental is "A Song For My Father" by Horace Silver
18. justWORD ft Bond - All I Need (15V Branches) FREE DOWNLOAD
19. The Voice ft Melanie Dawn - Can You Hear It? (#loudandclear) FREE DOWNLOAD
20. Qheem the Redeemed - Jehovah Dose (Body Language) Buy It Here
*  Instrumental by eshon "bombay" burgundy
21. Shai Linne - The Glory of God (The Attributes of God) Buy It Here
22. Deitrick Haddon - Show Stopper (Church on the Moon) Buy It Here
23. Identity ft Point 5 - You Are God (You Are God Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD  Book The Tour
24. Braille - Psalm 103 (Streetlights Sampler) FREE DOWNLOAD
*  Instrumental by Teddy P aka Wes Pendleton
25. Evangel - Beautiful Church (The Church) Buy It Here

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Grace and peace,

W w W

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Episode 44: Gideonz Army, Future and Fedel

What's good Kingdom People?

The Lord has allowed us to put together another slammin' show for you. We're featuring new music by Gideonz Army, Fedel, and Future. We were trying to play B-Shock's new song, but had a little technical difficulty with the download. We'll have his new single next week for sure. If you have any requests call or text them to 775-375-5677(KMRS). We'll try to get it in next week's show. You can also e-mail us at or leave a comment on the page here.

You can download the show here if you like.

Check out our Events/Concerts page on the site where we'll be informing you of local and nationwide events from time to time. In fact...

Tonight is a big event for Central Illinois. One Day Closer, B-Free, The MB, Identity and One Accord will all be performing/ministering tonight in Lincoln, IL from 6 to 9 pm. DJ Ezra from Rock Church in Peoria, IL and DJ Mayday of the Streetlight Radio Show in Springfield, IL will be on the wheels of steel and the Water Walkin' Warrior will be MCing the event. There will be concessions and prizes throughout the night also. This is an all age appropriate concert in which we want to give God glory acknowledging Him as our God while raising money for the You Are God Tour that will be taking place next March. The information you need is below.

When: Saturday, November 19, 2011 from 6 to 9 PM (Doors open at 5:30)
Where: Full Gospel Evangelistic Center, 426 N. Monroe St., Lincoln, IL
Admission: $2 per person at the door - proceeds will go toward the You Are God Tour in March '12
You might be able to catch it on Ustream here if you can't make it out or are too far away.

Other events coming up in Central Illinois are...

Monday November 21, 2011
Muzik With A Message Presents Flo'ology 
with special guest Forever from STL 

When: November 21, 2011 from 6 to 9 pm
Where: Boys and Girls Club of Central IL, 300 S. 15th St., Springfield, IL 62703
Admission is FREE
What: Free Food, Free Admission, Spoken Word, Praise Dancers, Games, Giveaways, and Special Guest Forever from the STL.

 let's get to the music. Here's this week's playlist. Feel free to explore the links.
(We'll have all the links plugged in by Monday night. Sorry for any inconvenience.)
Hour 1
 1. eshon burgundy - You've Been Sleepin' (SCSM Vol. 3: Schooley High Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD  Official Video
 2. Willie Moore, Jr ft Bizzle - We Winning (The Turning Point) Buy It Here
 3. Decipha ft Thi'sl - Persuaded (Rep) Buy It Here
  * Instrumental by Infantry Beats FREE DOWNLOAD
 4. Gideonz Army ft T-Haddy - Jesus Piece (Single) Buy It Here
 5. Kenn Orr ft Sean Simmonds - Home (Single) Buy It Here  Official Video
 6. Wit & Dre Murray - Stomp (Hell's Paradise Deluxe Edition) FREE DOWNLOAD  Official Video
  * Instrumental by Wit for the Hell's Paradise Album FREE DOWNLOAD
 7. B-Free - We Do It (The Battle Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
 8. The MB - Rocky (Keep That Dream Alive) Buy It Here
 9. Identity - Welcome Home (You Are God Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD  You Are God Tour Video
  * Instrumental by JustWORD FREE DOWNLOAD
10. Fedel - All Jesus Everything (Club David) Buy It Here
11. Jake Lynn - Krazy Praise (Single) Buy It Here
12. Lecrae - Just Like You (Rehab) Buy It Here  Official Video  I Am Second Video
   * Instrumental by Xperiments Beats FREE DOWNLOAD
13. SupaDave - Give All Praise (The Love Movement) Exclusive Leak! Single available 12/6

Hour 2
   * Instrumental by Cheesebeats for Sho Baraka "Me, Myself, and I"
14. *Phat Freestyle of the Week*  Brinson - Don't Rap No More (O.M.G.) Buy It Here  Official Video
15. Jeremiah - I'm New (The Forerunner EP) FREE DOWNLOAD
16. Bryan Wilson - A Second Coming - My Life (A Second Coming) Buy It Here
17. Future ft Pastor AD3, Brothatone & KamBINO - I'm Back (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
18. Deitrick Haddon - King (Church on the Moon) Buy It Here
19. Kelly Kelz ft Benjah - All I Need (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
   * Instrumental by eshon "bombay" burgundy Buy It Here
20. Tha G.I.M. - A New Day (Supreme) Buy The Single Here  Promo Video  Album available in 2012!
21. Sareem Poems - Psalm 33 (Street Light Sampler) FREE DOWNLOAD
22. Cam - My Reflection (My Eyes) Buy It Here  Official Video
  * Instrumental by BenEvol fka J.Griff FREE DOWNLOAD
23. Kareem Manuel ft PRo - Endure (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
24. Jay Cabassa ft Manny Ferrer of Double Edge- Can't Stop (All For The Love) Buy It Here
25. Big Fil ft DG - Great Grind (The 3 AM Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  * Instrumental by Wes Pendleton FREE DOWNLOAD
26. Sean C. Johnson - Tomorrow (Joy) FREE DOWNLOAD

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Until next week,

Grace and Peace

W w W

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Episode 43: Lyrical Soldier, Viktory, Radikal, Eric Cross

Greetings Kingdom!

Thanks for your patience this week regarding the links and playlist. Shout out to Lyrical Soldier, Viktory, Radikal, and Eric Cross for the new singles this week. 

We're gearing up for our 1-Year-Anniversary Show in December and a special Christmas episode. If you would like to record a shout out for our 1 Year Anniversary show, call 775-375-KMRS. Let us know how you've been blessed over the last year. If you are an artist or church leader and want to record a Christmas greeting, e-mail us at and we'll send you the information you need.

Download the show for free here!

We had a slammin' show last Saturday and I'm just now getting this playlist up. We hope something is stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded! 

          Artist - Song (Album)

  1. Json ft Trubble - City Lights (City Lights) Buy It Here
  2. Chris Jackson - Rear View Mirror (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  3. C-Straight ft Brinson - Not An Option (So Not Cool) Buy It Here  My Story Video
  4. Broken - Worship Money (True Freedom) Buy It Here
  5. Cam ft Emcee One & Dre Murray - Still Cleaning Remix (The Platform) Buy It Here
  6. His Work - Big Dreams (We Are His Work) Buy It Here
  7. Ambassador - Jesus (The Chop Chop: From Milk to Meat) Buy It Here
  8. Lyrical Soldier - Unconditional (Single) Buy It Here  Official Video
  9. is your one stop spot for videos, fellowship, downloads, news and updates in the Christian hip hop scene.
  10. Holy Culture Cypha ft Jah Rockn' artists Hee Sun Lee and Seda, K-Drama, and Ruslan of the Breax - I'm A Christian (Single) 
  11. 7vnseal - My Sword Finger (Keep My Boots Madd Muddy Platoon Vol 1) FREE DOWNLOAD
  12. Eric Cross - TOMA 2011 (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  13. Sean Simmonds - Fireproof (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  14. Othello - Isaiah 53 (Streetlights Sampler) FREE DOWNLOAD
  15. Flame ft JR - Tonight (Captured) Buy It Here
  16. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* ALCAM - Black and Yellow Freestyle (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  17. Thi'sl ft PRo - Let It Knock (Beautiful Monster) Buy It Here
  18. Sean C Johnson - 5 O'Clock (Simply A Vessel: Faithful Vol. 2) Buy It Here
  19. Radikal - One Chance (Single) Exclusive Leak! Single to be released 12/6
  20. D-M.A.U.B. ft KAS - I'm A Creature (Feature Presentation) Buy It Here
  21. Deitrick Haddon - Power (Church on the Moon) Buy It Here
  22. Viktory - SupaHigh Geeda Mix (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  23. Pastor AD3 ft Erica Danea - What You Drinkin' On (No Pain, No Love) Buy It Here
  24. Ackdavis - Living In A Dream (Downtime) FREE DOWNLOAD
  25. A-Flo - You Ain't Foolin' Me (R.hymes A.nd W.isdom) FREE DOWNLOAD
  26. 116 Clique - Man Up Anthem (Man Up) Buy It Here  Official Video  Man Up Website
  27. Trip Lee - Gotta Grow (If They Only Knew) Buy It Here
  28. Lecrae - Desperate (Rebel) Buy It Here  I Am Second Video
  29. Priest - The Letter (In A Perfect World Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Episode 42: Christcentric, Mali Music, Priest, & ALCAM

Greeting Kingdom People,

Today we're back with a fresh, and yes I said funky fresh on the show (lol), new show for your edification and encouragement. You'll find new music by Christcentric, Mali Music, Priest, and Gosple (an artist from Malawi). There's plenty of bangers by some of your favorite artists and some indie artists that can bring it too. We found a cat that's been doing some authentic Kingdom freestyles for a minute now and have featured him in our Phat Freestyle of the Week. Stephen Maddox, a man of God from New Jersey, dropped a freestyle to an eshon "bombay" burgundy beat in his car that's got some good energy. (Edited: Just for the record, the freestyle we chose to play is just the tip of the iceberg that is called Mephstaddox. lol)

If you would like to call or text a request for next weeks show, you can call 775-375-KMRS. We'd love to hear any comments or shout outs you may have also.

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You can download the show here for FREE!

Bear with us as we get the rest of the page up to date by Monday.

Here is this weeks playlist. The links will be plugged in by Monday.

       Artist - Song (Album)
  1. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Stephen Maddox - Car Freestyle Chronicles #4 (Beat by eshon burgundy) More Freestyles  Twitter Profile  Facebook Profile
  2. Mali Music - The Job Experience (Single) Buy It Here  Official Video
Instrumentals by Infantry Beats, J. Griff aka Benevol, Geeda, Teddy P, JustWORD, DJ Official, Wit of IQwitMusic, and "I Believe God" instrumental.

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Until next week...Grace and Peace,

W w W

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's A Kingdom Minded Classic Week

What's good Kingdom People?

I (the Water Walkin' Warrior) had an extremely busy week serving the local body of Christ during the Judah International Ministries (my church home) annual All Nation's Worship Conference. We're running a classic show some of you may or may not have heard before. The Montell Jordan interview in the show was a pretty big moment for us and brought everyone up to speed on what he's doing now-a-days. His album, Shake Heaven, actually comes out on November 8, 2011, so the show is relevant. The last song on the show is by Shai Linne off his new album called "The Attributes of God" that came out yesterday (November 1, 2011). Also look for "The Ephesians Project" by Christcentric that dropped on the 1st also. It's a really encouraging, yet challenging album that is lyrically on point. 

We hope you enjoy this episode...again and something is stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded.

July 30, 2011 Playlist: Montell Jordan Interview, Shai Linne, Thi'sl and Reflect

What's good Kingdom people?

We were blessed to be able to interview former R&B superstar Montell Jordan on the show today. We also have new music from Thi'sl, Kenn Orr, Shai Linne, Reflect and Corey Red. So buckle up and press play on the player at the bottom of the screen. It's gonna be a fun show!

Feel free to leave a message for a request or shout out at 775-375-KMRS.

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Here's the playlist:
                    Artist - Song (Album)

  1. His Work - Back to Tape (We Are His Work) Buy It Here
  2. Jeremiah - Clarify (The Forerunner EP) FREE DOWNLOAD
  3. Von Won - One City Under God (One City Under God) Buy It Here
  4. Pastor AD3 - That's My King (No Pain, No Love) Buy It Here
  5. Reflect - Stand On That (Mirror) Buy It Here
  6. Rhema Soul - Fly Away (Fingerprints) Buy It Here  Official Video
  7. Andy Mineo - In My City (In My City) Buy It Here  Official Video
  8. Othello - Isaiah 53 (Street Lights Sampler) FREE DOWNLOAD  Official Video
  9. ****Exclusive Montell Jordan Interview****
  10. Montell Jordan ft. Beckah Shae - Shake Heaven (Shake Heaven) Buy It Here  Official Video
  11. Sho Baraka ft. Lecrae - Shut Us Down (Lion's and Liars) Buy It Here
  12. eshon burgundy - The Name (Single) Buy It Here
  13. inDependency Tour commercial - August 27, @ 5 PM! FREE Concert! Click here for details!
  14. Teddy P ft. Braille - The Gospel (Word and Deed) Buy It Here
  15. Cam - My Reflection (My Eyes) Buy It Here  Official Video
  16. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Marc Cornelius "Feel the Heat" Freestyle FREE DOWNLOAD
  17. K-Drama - Air Jordan On 'Em (Boombaptism) Buy It Here  Unofficial Video
  18. Deitrick Haddon - Gravity (Church on the Moon) Buy It Here
  19. Kenn Orr ft. Sean Simmonds - Home (Single) Buy It Here  Promo Video
  20. Bumps INF - Light It Up (Who Is Mark James 2.0) FREE DOWNLOAD
  21. Corey Red ft. MARKA - Make It Happen (Make It Happen) FREE SINGLE DOWNLOAD
  22. Thi'sl ft. PRo - Let It Knock (Beautiful Monster) Buy It Here
  23. Flame - Move (Captured) Buy It Here
  24. Yaves the Street Pastor - Pump Up The Bass (Prince Amongst Thieves Session 2) FREE DOWNLOAD
  25. Identity - Movin' On (Identity Crisis) Buy It Here  Live Performance
  26. The Voice - Thou Art The Christ (#loudandclear) FREE DOWNLOAD  Official Video
  27. Sean C. Johnson - Does Anybody (Simply A Vessel: Faithful Vol. 2) Buy It Here  Official Video
  28. PRo - All My Life (PSA Vol. 2) FREE DOWNLOAD
  29. Shai Linne - The Glory of God (The Attributes of God) FREE SINGLE DOWNLOAD
We pray that something was stirred up in you to be Kingdom Minded! Feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions or requests.

God bless,
the Water Walkin' Warrior