Saturday, October 22, 2011

Episode 41: New Gifted Da Flame Throwa, Kareem Manuel, & Dwayne Triumf

Greetings Kingdom people!

Thanks for taking the time to check out our playlist and website. That alone means a lot to us. We got new music by Gifted Da Flame Throwa, Kareem Manuel and Dwayne Tryumf. This week's show is really a music driven show. We packed 29 songs into the 2 hours and still had a little time to talk. We hope you're encouraged and challenged by the music you hear.

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Oct 31, 2011

Nov 25, 2011

Here's this weeks playlist!

      Artist - Song (Album)
  1. Lecrae - Got Paper (Rebel) Buy It Here BET Cypher feat. Lecrae
  2. Sean Simmonds - Fireproof (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  3. Brinson ft Aye Day 4k - Goin' God (O.M.G.) Buy It Here  Official Video
  4. Identity ft Point 5 - You Are God (You Are God Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD  Tour Information
  5. Soul Williams - Life Under The Scope (Chosen Few Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  6. His Work - Live It Up (We Are His Work) Buy It Here
  7. Bink ft Priest - The Asthma Team (Becoming Me Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  8. Tha GIM - Tha God In Me (Eternal Sonshine: The Prequel EP) FREE DOWNLOAD  Testimonial Video
  9. Exodus Movement - Lift His Name High (ReDefinition) Buy It Here  Official Video
  10. Wit and Dre Murry ft Sean C Johnson & eshon burgundy - Ego (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  11. PRo - Hold Me Down (Redemption) Buy It Here
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  13. Chris Jackson - Rear View Mirror (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  14. Zerubbabel - Take The City (Pilgrim Perspective) Buy It Here
  15. Bizzle ft Lavosier & Sevin - This Ain't Love (Tough Love & Parables) Buy It Here  Official Video
  16. *Phat Freestyle of the Month* Fedel - Dis Everybody (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD  
  17. Sean C. Johnson - Benjamins (Chosen Few Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  18. The Voice - loudandclear (#loudandclear) FREE DOWNLOAD
  19. Kareem Manuel ft Sho Baraka & Suzy Rock - Lion and Lamb (Until then...It's More Than A Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  20. Pastor AD3 - Deeper (No Pain, No Love) Buy It Here
  21. Gideonz Army - Hustle Hard (Bringin' Jesus To The Hood Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  22. Gifted Da Flame Throwa - Bulldoze City (Bulldoze City) Buy It Here
  23. 7vnseal - Got My RPG's (7th Brigade) FREE DOWNLOAD
  24. Kenn Orr ft Sean Simmonds - Home (Single) Buy It Here  Official Video
  25. Dwayne Tryumf ft Copeland Green - Change My World (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  26. Chris Lee Cobbins ft Sho Baraka - Chase Me Down Remix (Single) Buy It Here  Official Video
  27. J.Givens - Run (Run) FREE DOWNLOAD
  28. Deitrick Haddon - Bended Knee (Church on the Moon) Buy It Here
  29. C-Straight - 3 Words (So Not Cool) Buy It Here  My Story - Documentary
Instrumentals by K-Beatz, JustWORD, Wit (IQWitMusic),and Xperiment Beats.

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Until next week...grace and peace,

W  w  W

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Episode 40: Exclusive 7vnseal interview, Kareem Manuel, Indie Artists

What's good Kingdom people?

This week we have an exclusive interview with San Antonio artist 7vnseal. He gets real open about some things going on in his life right now and we encourage you all to pray for him as well as other artists that may be on your mind. We're playing a whole slew of indie artists today also like JustUs, William Wallace, Crown One and The Elevationists. Don't forget to pay attention to the new Kareem Manuel song. The Phat Freestyle features Bizzle, Sevin, and KamBINO. Enjoy!

Call and leave a message or text your requests for the following week's show at 775-375-KMRS.

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Here is this week's playlist!

            Artist - Song (Album)
  1. Tha GIM - A New Day (Supreme) Buy It Here  Promo Video
  2. Willie Moore Jr. - Work Out (YFS - the Pre MixTape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  3. Da Truth ft Flame & Lecrae - Stand (The Faith) Buy It Here
  4. The Elevationists - Hopsicle (COLD) FREE DOWNLOAD
  5. Sean C. Johnson - I Shall Not Be Moved (Simply A Vessel Vol. 1) Buy It Here
  6. Cross Movement ft Tedashii - Lift His Name Up (HIStory) Buy It Here
  7. ***Exclusive 7vnseal Interview Part 1***
  8. 7vnseal ft Gifted the Flamethrower and Sivion - How Ya Livin (Keep My Boots Mad Muddy Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  9. 7vnseal - Praise It Be His Name (Keep My Boots Mad Muddy Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  10. JustUs - Let's Do It (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  11. ***Exclusive 7vnseal Interview Part 2***
  12. 7vnseal - Call to the Frontline (7th Brigade EP) FREE DOWNLOAD
  13. Kelly Kelz ft Benjah - All I Need (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  14. Pastor AD3 ft Swoope - The Way You Do It (No Pain, No Love) Buy It Here  Official Video
  15. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Bizzle ft Sevin & Kambino - Beamer, Benz, or Bently Freestyle (The Messenger 2: Delivered) FREE DOWNLOAD
  16. Ambassador - Mind Made Up (Stop The Funeral) Buy It Here
  17. Victory World Church ft Montell Jordan & Beckah Shae - Shake Heaven (Shake Heaven) Buy It Here  Official Video
  18. ***Exclusive 7vnseal Inteview Part 3***
  19. 7vnseal - Recon My Land (7th Brigade EP) FREE DOWNLOAD
  20. Deitrick Haddon - Bended Knee (Church on the Moon) Buy It Here
  21. Golden Child ft Ambassador - Takin It Back (Freedom) Buy It Here
  22. Kareem Manuel ft Paul Washington - Cruise Control (Until Then...It's More Than A Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  23. William Wallace - Lift You Up (Open Door) Buy It Here
  24. Crown One - I'm In Love (I Am A Misfit) Buy It Here
  25. Chances R - Kingdom Acapella (Come Close) over an eshon "bombay" burgundy instrumental FREE DOWNLOAD
  26. Andrew Bennett, Jr - Crazy (Smile Again) Buy It Here
We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Grace and peace,

The Water Walkin' Warrior

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Episode 39: Canon, Kelly Kelz ft Benjah, and Andy Mineo

Greetings Kingdom People!

Thanks for visiting the site and listening to the show. I'm thinking that someones gonna get free today from something in the show because it was a major press to get it done. We've got new music by Canon, Kelly Kelz & Benjah, Andy Mineo and an indie artist named Niya. We also have music from 3 different continents. US, UK, and Africa. I guess you could say "We International!" like DJ Morph. 

There's a new way to listen to the show. You can download the TuneIn app for your smartphone and find us there under WAZU 90.7 FM in Peoria, IL from 2 - 4 PM CST every Saturday. If you like traditional Gospel, tune in from 12 - 2 CST to hear the Andre'ic Morris Show before listening to our show. 

Download The Show Here

Here's this week's playlist.
Artist - Song (Album)
  1. Lecrae ft PRo - New Shalom (Rehab) Buy It Here
  2. Only 1 Way - I Get It In (BreakThru) Buy It Here  Official Video
  3. Richie Righteous - Big Big God (Big Big God) Buy It Here
  4. Redd Lettaz - Gloves Off (Undarate Me Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD  DELUXE EDITION
  5. Ambassador ft Mali Music - Trust In Him (Stop The Funeral) Buy It Here
  6. Niya - Can't Stop (Someday) FREE DOWNLOAD
  7. Soul Williams - Unfollow Me (Single) Buy It Here
  8. Kareem Manuel - The Lion King (Until Then) FREE DOWNLOAD
  9. Kenn Orr ft Sean Simmonds - Home (Single) Buy It Here  Official Video
  10. Fedel - Work It Out (Club David) - Buy It Here  Official Video
  11. Canon - Runaway (Blind World) FREE DOWNLOAD
  12. Tryenyse Jones - Chasing The Wind (Resilient) Buy It Here
  13. Gideonz Army - Born To Shout (On Ten) Buy It Here  Official Video
  14. A-FLO - Live or Evil (Preview Mixtape 2011) FREE DOWNLOAD
  15. The Breax ft Sho Baraka Remixed by DJ Official - Brilliant Realness (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  16. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Focus - Studio Freestyle (Recovery 101) FREE DOWNLOAD
  17. Wit and Dre Murray - Stomp (Hell's Paradise I: Deluxe Edition) FREE DOWNLOAD  Official Video
  18. Ambassador, Sean Simmonds, Mali Music and Da Truth - Go Misfit Go Buy It Here Concert Information  Official Video
  19. Andy Mineo ft KB - Young (Formally Known) FREE DOWNLOAD
  20. Deitrick Haddon - Power (Church On The Moon) Buy It Here
  21. MIA3 - Lawdhammercy (My Life, My Words 2010) FREE DOWNLOAD
  22. Q the Prophet - Soul Hustlers Ambition (Single) Buy It Here
  23. Kelly Kelz ft Benjah - All I Need (Single) Buy It Here
  24. Jahaziel ft Bobby Bovell & Gems - Deliver Me Pt 2(The Still Livin' Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  25. K-Drama ft Charde - I'm So Married (Boombaptism) Buy It Here Contrats to Big Fil and his wife today!
  26. Chris Lee Cobbins ft Sho Baraka - Chase Me Down Remix (Single) Buy It Here  Official Video
  27. PRo - All My Life (PSA Vol. 2) FREE DOWNLOAD
  28. Gosple - The Spokesman (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD  Official Video
  29. Dillon Chase - He Drank It (Pause) FREE DOWNLOAD
Instrumentals on this week's show were by Redd Lettaz, K-Beats, DJ Official, BMII of the Wright Bros, J. Griff, and Teddy P aka Wes Pendleton.

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Grace and peace,

Water Walkin' Warrior