Saturday, April 28, 2012

Episode 66: We Got Our Church Clothes On


You've found the Kingdom Minded Show! A 2 hour music driven journey through Christian hip hop and Rhythm 'N' Praise that will encourage, inspire, and challenge you to be Kingdom Minded!

This week we've got a bunch of new ministerial hip hop. We're talkin' new Lecrae, Yaves, Thi'sl, Gideonz Army, Scooda and Lavosier. There's a whole lot more too on top of that. Make sure you listen to the whole show so you don't miss a beat. 

This is your show so let us know if you want to hear any songs on next week's show. You can call or text your requests to 775-375-KMRS.

We're working on getting a podcast set up on iTunes, but in the mean time you can download the show below.

Here is your playlist for this week's show!
(Bear with us as we work on plugging in the links.)

        Song - Artist (Album) Links
Hour 1
  1. Return of the Jedi - J Sky Walker (Return of the Jedi) Buy It Here
  2. Thank You - DNA Music Boyz fka King (Single) 
  3. We Winning - P-Dub ft Bizzle (The Turning Point) Buy It Here
  4. He Did It Again - Flame ft AD3 (The 6th) Buy It Here
  5. OD (World All Over Me) - Yaves Ellis (History In Progress) FREE SINGLE DOWNLOAD
  6. Emergency - Trini (Fearless) Buy It Here
  7. Rise - Applejaxx ft Je'Kob & Mr. Coldstone (Organic) Buy It Here
  8. Live It Up - His Work (We Are His Work) Buy It here
  9. *FA SHO SHOT* Evidence of Things Not Seen - eshon burgundy (Cleaning Out My Closet) FREE DOWNLOAD
  10. Hope You Miss Me - Lavosier ft Gemstones (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  11. Mainstream - Gideonz Army ft D-Maub (Mainstream) Buy It Here  Official Video
  12. Champion - T-Haddy (Single) Exclusive One Accord Deejay's Leak
  13. Lower Case I - The Messenger ft The Ark and Yaves Ellis (The Lord is My Ghost Writer) Buy It Here
  14. 2Day - Redd Lettaz (Songs in the key of Christ) FREE DOWNLOAD
Hour 2
  1. *PHAT FREESTYLE OF THE WEEK* Gifted Unlimited Rhymes... - MidLifeCrisis (Umami) FREE DOWNLOAD
  2. MLMX - Sean C. Johnson ft APOC (Simply A Vessel Vol 3: Surrender All) Buy It Here
  3. Fight Against Life - Gifted Da FlameThrowa ft Bizzle, Dre Murray & The Watchman (Bulldoze City) Buy It Here
  4. Black Rose - Thi'sl (Single / produce by Wit) FREE DOWNLOAD  Official Video
  5. No Betta - Voices of Unity ft Deitrick Haddon & Faith Evans (Single) Buy It here
  6. The Life - Identity ft Cliff (Single) Exclusive Kingdom Minded Leak
  7. The Grace Age - Ricky Fisher (The Grace Age) Buy It Here
  9. Church Clothes - Lecrae / produced by Wit (Church Clothes) FREE DOWNLOAD  Mixtape release date 5/10
  10. Liberty - 7vnseal (Minister To Society Mixtape ft 7vnseal by DJ Sean Blu) FREE DOWNLOAD
  11. Your Show - Michelle Bonilla (In Spite of Me) Buy It Here
  12. Rise Up - Lyrical Soldier ft Debbie Okeowo (Single) Buy It Here
  13. New, New - Scooda (Out The Box) 
  14. U Got Me Through - 21:03 ft J.Moss (Total Attention) Buy It Here
  15. Thankful - R-Swift (Revolutionary Theme Muzik) Buy It Here
We hope something was stirred up in you to be Kingdom Minded!

Until the next time...Grace and Peace! - W w W

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