Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 9 Playlist: New Thi'sl, Ambassador, and Gideonz Army

Good afternoon Kingdom people!

Thanks for checking out the playlist. This week we've got a brand new song from Thi'sl, a song off of the Ambassador's new album and we featured a song off of the new Gideonz Army mixtape. Yaves the Street Pastor was our Phat Freestyle of the Week. 

Feel free to download the show so you can play it on your MP3 player or in your car!

We'd like to know if you all would like to see this show as a podcast on iTunes.  Let us know by sending us an e-mail, message on Twitter @KingdomMindedRS, or leaving a comment below. Without further ado, here's the playlist for the July 9th Kingdom Minded Show from Peoria, IL.

       Artist - Song (Album) (We'll have the links working by tonight.)
  1. Brothatone - Reflection (Mic Check) Free Download
  2. Fedel - Walk It Like I'm Changed (I Live) Buy It Here   Official Video
  3. One Way - Christ the King (Antonio Neal Presents Now Playing) Buy It Here
  4. Gideonz Army - hUSTLE hARD (Bring Jesus to the Hood Mixtape) Free Download
  5. Thi'sl - My Radio On Drugs (Beautiful Monster) Free Single Download   Album available 7/26
  6. Yaves the Street Pastor - Yayo (Prince Amongst Thieves Session 2) Free Download
  7. Denise Powell - I'm Free (Free to Flow Mixtape) Free Download
  8. 7vnseal aka God's Dagger - My Sword Finger (keep my boots madd muddy platoon vol. 1) Free Download
  9. Jeremiah - Warriors (Single) Unreleased Exclusive
  10. Benjah & Dillavou - Come Follow ( ) 
  11. Chris Lee Cobbins ft PRo - All About You (The Medicine) Buy It Here
  12. K-Drama - Maranatha remix (For The Longest Time) Buy It Here
  13. Json ft Trubble - City Lights (City Lights) Buy It Here
  14. Jay Cabassa - Can't Stop ( ) Buy It Here
  15. Da Messenger - Legacy (Legacy) Buy It Here
  16. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Yaves the Street Pastor "Look At Me Now" Freestyle
  17. Knine ft D-M.A.U.B. & Sir Viva - 1, 2, 3, 4 (Robots Have Feelings Too) Free Download
  18. Ian Von - Take Time Out (Antonio Neal Presents Now Playing) Buy It Here
  19. J Sky Walker - FRESH (LOUD) Buy It Here
  20. Ambassador ft Charmain - Up Down (Stop The Funeral) Buy It Here on 7/12
  21. Antonio Neal - Live, Laugh, Love (Live, Laugh, Love) Buy It Here
  22. Viktory - Ima Get It (Birth of a Legacy) Buy It Here
  23. Uprise Clique - Let It Burn (Single) Buy It Here
  24. William Wallace - Open It (Single) Buy It Here
  25. Lecrae ft C-Lite - Background (Rehab) Buy It Here   Official Video
  26. Deitrick Haddon ft J.Moss, Canton Jones, Tye Tribbett, & T.Haddy - Reppin' The Kingdom (Church on the Moon) Buy It Here
  27. PRo - Real Talk (PSA Vol.2) Free Download
  28. K-Drama - Air Jordan on 'Em (Boombaptism) Buy It Here   Unofficial Video
  29. D-M.A.U.B. ft KAS - I'm A Creature ( ) Free Download
We hope something was stirred up in you to be Kingdom Minded today! 
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