Saturday, July 2, 2011

July 2 Playlist: Redd Lettaz / AD3 / Vik / S.O / Phanatik! What-a-week!

Good afternoon Kingdom people!

This week we we lift up Christ and celebrate new music that came out last week. There was new music by Viktory, S.O., Phanatik, Redd Lettaz, and  Pastor AD3. We're gearing up for The Basement tonight at 6 pm. We invite you to come down to the Dream Center Peoria to experience Peoria's hip hop church.

Don't forget to put August 27 on your calendar for the inDependency Tour's only stop in Cental Illinois as of right now. We'll be hosting a FREE concert here in Peoria, IL starting at 7 pm.
K-Drama | D-M.A.U.B. | Yaves the Street Pastor
all in the same concert! Don't miss it!

Feel free to download our show for free here!

                        Artist - Song (Album)
  1. eshon burgundy - Forget About Me (Cleaning Out My Closet) FREE DOWNLOAD
  2. Big Fil - Not My Aim (3 AM Mixtape Applied) FREE DOWNLOAD
  3. Colandra McDowell - Don't Throw Your Life Away (Now Playing Vol. 1) Buy It Here
  4. Rhema Soul - Fly Away (Fingerprints) Buy It Here   Official Video
  5. Da South commercial - Visit for news, music leaks, and videos.
  6. Viktory - Tickin' Away (Birth Of A Legacy) Buy It Here   Official Video
  7. D-M.A.U.B. - I Believe God (Death Before Dishonor) Exclusive Radio Leak
  8. Jah Rock'n Productions - Lost In You (The Lost LP) "Name Your Price" DOWNLOAD
  9. Wit and Dre Murray - HP2 (Hell's Paradise 2: Mask Parade) FREE DOWNLOAD
  10. Robbie Jerome - Eye Can't Tell (Young, Fly and Saved Pre-Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  11. Cam - My Reflection (My Eyes) Buy It Here   Official Video
  12. Mark Arthur ft. Michelle Bonilla - Sweet Symphony (The Obligation) Buy It Here   Official Video
  13. K-Drama ft. Bracey - Spot Me (We Fit: The Workout Plan) Buy It Here
  14. Serene ft. GP & S.O. - The Reason (Different Strokes) FREE DOWNLOAD
  15. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Lloyd Will (Bars of Eternity Vol. 1) FREE DOWNLOAD
  16. C-Lite ft. Efrain of Double Edge - In My City (Single) Buy It Here   Official Video
  17. Richie Righteous - Big Big God (Big Big God) Buy It Here   Official Promo Video
  18. LaToria - Then Say So (A.O.1.) Buy It Here
  19. Redd Lettaz - Gloves Off (undarateMe Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  20. Gideonz Army - That's Dem (On Ten) Buy It Here   Official Video
  21. Wize ft. Kelly Kelz & True Story - Course Language (Course Language) FREE DOWNLOAD
  22. Holy Culture commercial - Visit for news, a forum, music and videos.
  23. Phanatik ft. Mac the Doulos - Slumber Party (Party Over Here) Buy It Here   Official Video
  24. His Work - Back To Tape (We Are His Work) Buy It Here
  25. Pastor AD3 ft Swoope - The Way You Do It (No Pain, No Love) Buy It Here
  26. S.O. ft. J. Williams - I'm Ready (So It Begins) FREE DOWNLOAD
  27. Yaves the Street Pastor - Take It All Away (RedOctagonMeNot) FREE DOWNLOAD
  28. Mr. ENC ft. eshon burgundy - Let's Get Down (Single) Buy It Here Song & TShirt Proceeds go to!
  29. Wes Pendleton - Goin' Home (The Paste Up EP) FREE DOWNLOAD
 We hope something was stirred up in you to be Kingdom Minded!

Grace and peace,


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