Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 30th Playlist - New Joints and W w W's favorites

Good afternoon Kingdom people!

Bear with us as we get the playlist updated for you.  The new show is up and ready to listen to.  In fact, since it was my birthday on Sunday, May 1st, feel free to download the show below.  I had a blast putting the show together and played a lot of my favorites along with some brand new songs.  Not to put all my business out there, but I had to go to ER for some testing on Saturday while the show was airing here in Peoria.  Bless God that nothing serious was wrong.  All I can say is that last Saturday's show must have broken some principalities down because I'm feeling some backlash this week in a big way.  

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Download this weeks show here (Right click on each link and save as MP3)
Episode 17 Part A          |          Episode 17 Part B

Here's the playlist.  We'll get the links working by tomorrow.
                          Artist - Song Title (Album)
 1. Yaves the Street Pastor - Alphanumeric Kicks (It's Pronounced Yah-Ves) Buy It Here
 2. David Michael - Send the Sword (Wash) FREE DOWNLOAD
 3. Deitrick Haddon - King (Church on the Moon) Buy It Here
 4. Uprise Click - Let It Burn (single) 
 5. Interlude Beat by Teddy P
 6. Bumps INF ft. Bizzle & Redd Lettaz - Put On (Who is Mark James 2.0) FREE DOWNLOAD
 7. Cam - Raindrop (The Platform) Buy It Here
 8. Young Josh ft. K-Drama & Level 3:16 - Chris T. & Stv G- Same Movement (Thinking Out Loud: Special Edition) Buy It Here
 9. 7vnseal aka God's Dagger ft. Young Mercy -  Til The End ("keep my boots mad muddy" platoon vol. 1) FREE DOWNLOAD ON MAY 10
10. Interlude beat by Wit of Wit and Dre Murray off Hell's Paradise
11. Jahaziel ft. Roccstar - Broken (Still Livin) FREE DOWNLOAD
12. Benjah & Dillavou ft. Haley Hunt - More Than Conquerers ( Psalms & Solos Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
13. Sean C. Johnson - Last Breath (Simply A Vessel Vol 2: Faithful) Buy It Here
14. Cross Movement - The Light: The Blazin' One (Human Emergency) Buy It Here
15. Interlude Beat by eshon bombay aka eshon burgundy
16. eshon burgundy - The Evidence of Things Not Seen [200 BARS!] (Cleaning Out My Closet) FREE DOWNLOAD
17. Intro Beat by...
18. *Phat Freestyle Of The Week* KAS - Freestyle (A Disaster Has Ocurred) FREE DOWNLOAD
19. Wit and Dre Murray ft. Sean C. Johnson & eshon burgundy - Ego (Hell's Paradise 2) FREE SINGLE DOWNLOAD
20. JR - What You Want Me To Be (Murray's Grammar: New Rules) FREE DOWNLOAD
21. Sho Baraka ft. Lecrae - Shut Us Down (Lions and Liars) Buy It Here
22. His Work - Stand (We Are His Work) Buy It Here
23. Chris Lee Cobbins ft. PRo - All About You (The Medicine) Buy It Here
24. Brothatone ft. Canon - Refocus (Mic Check) FREE DOWNLOAD
25. Da South Dot Com commercial
26. Interlude Beat by...
27. Lecrae - Indwelling Sin (Rebel) Buy It Here
28. D-M.A.U.B. ft. KamBino & Knine - Got Bread (Inside Out) Buy It Here
29. Rich Boys - Ready to Ride (Radio Single) Buy It Here
30. Interlude Beat by PRo
31. P-Dub aka Willie Mo Jr & Bizzle - Master's Hand (The Best of Both Worlds Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
32. Jeremiah - Clarify (The Forerunner EP) FREE DOWNLOAD
33. Corey Red - God in the Culture (Street Prophecy Volume 3) FREE DOWNLOAD
34. Interlude Beat by ...
35. Jin - Changed Man (Sincerely Yours) FREE DOWNLOAD

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!
God bless,
Brian Culshaw aka The Water Walkin' Warrior
Kingdom Minded

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