Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 28 Playlist - T-Dot Starts a Riot!

Good evening Kingdom people,

Thanks for checking out the show this week. We've got Tedashii's new song kicking off the show. At the time of recording the show, his album was #2 on the iTunes hip hop chart and #8 overall on iTunes. This is quite the favor of God seeing that the other albums on this list are secular albums. 

Once again the Basement, Peoria's hip hop church is coming up on June 4th from 6 to 8 p.m. at Dream Center Peoria. The first service last month was really awesome and we're anticipating the Holy Spirit to move again as we lift up God on one accord through hip hop.       

Here is the playlist for the show.

       Artist - Song Title (Album)
  1. Tedashii - Riot (Blacklight) Buy It Here   Official Teaser Video
  2. PRo ft. KB - 116 (116 Single) Buy It Here
  3. Tay Clemons - Free ("Free" Single) Buy It Here
  4. The MB aka Mamma's Boy - Rocky (Keep That Dream Alive) Buy It Here
  5. Exodus Movement - Savior (ReDefinition) Buy It Here   Official Video
  6. Jahaziel ft. Mali Music - What I Do (Still Livin' Mixtape) Free Download
  7. Deitrick Haddon - Bended Knee (Church on the Moon) Buy It Here
  8. Young Joshua - Old Me (Thinking Out Loud) Buy It Here   Official Teaser Video
  9. Sean C. Johnson - Roof (Joy Singles) Free Download
  10. Flame ft. V. Rose - Captured Me (Captured) Buy It Here
  11. Sareem Poems - Psalm 33 (Streetlight Sampler) Free Download
  12. K-Drama ft. Json, Thisl, Young Joshua, J. Johnson & Pro - Air Jordan On' Em (Boombaptism) Buy It Here
  13. Chris Lee Cobbins ft. PRo - All About You (The Medicine) Buy It Here
  14. J. Crum aka Preach ft. Chrys Jones - Kingdom Minded (Kingdom Minded) Free Download
  15. Knine - Big Deal (The Robots Have Feelings Too Mixtape) Free Download
  16. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* eshon burgundy and The GIM   Backstage Freestyle Video
  17. Redd Lettaz - Boom Pop (Boom Pop Single) Buy It Here   Official Video
  18. Mahogany Jones - Find A Way (Mahogany In Redd) Buy It Here
  19. Trip Lee ft. Shai Linne - Cling To You (20/20) Buy It Here
  20. D-M.A.U.B. ft. Malski - Y'all Funny (Y'all Funny Single) 
  21. Yaves the Street Pastor - Alphanumeric Kicks (It's Pronounced Yah-ves) Buy It Here
  22. Denise Powell - Coming Home (Free To Flow Mixtape) Free Download
  23. Martay - Hello Lover/Goodbye Other (Remix by The Wright Bros.) To Be Released At Later Date
  24. Sho Baraka ft. R-Swift, Tedashii, Honey LaRochelle, & Benjah - I.T.W.N.O.I. (Lions and Liars) Buy It Here
  25. Bink ft. Street Pastor & Kambino (Becoming Me Mixtape) Free Download
  26. 7vnseal ft. Sivion & Gifted the Flamethrower - How You Livin'? (keep my boots mad muddy Platoon Vol. 1) Free Download Not Yet Available
  27. Willie Johnson - Are You Happy / Instrumental by eshon "bombay" burgundy (Spoken Word) Kingdom Minded Exclusive
  28. Hazakim - Heavy Laden (Theophanies) Buy It Here
  29. Ambassador - Deeper (The Chop Chop: From Milk to Meat) Buy It Here
Thanks for taking the time to listen to the show. We hope you enjoy the it and something was stirred up in you to be Kingdom minded. 

Grace and peace,
Mr. Rob and the Water Walkin' Warrior

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