Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Evidence of Things Not Seen (200 bars of meat / no milky hooks)

Check it out Kingdom people! You can see some of the best Christian hip hop videos right here. The first one we want to share here is "The Evidence Of Things Not Seen" by eshon burgundy. This is one of my absolute favorite songs. Get this one in your spirit and you'll be encouraged for days on end. You may need to listen to it more than once to digest the whole meal on the table here. This a 200 bar song that is all meat. Not milky hooks. As eshon says in the song, "Consider yourself told..." 
You can follow eshon on Twitter @burgaking.
Visit his website at
You can also find more of his music at

To eshon,

#Salute, we can't wait to get you up here to Central Illinois to minister at an event.

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