Saturday, March 1, 2014

Episode 138: Young DIF, Lov'd Ones, Millionaire, DJ Tranzformed

Good afternoon everyone,

Thanks for visiting our website. We had a blast last night at the "Turn Down For What?!?! 2" concert in Bloomington, IL. If you need a DJ to come rock your party with bangin' Christian hip hop and a spirit to surrender The Spirit, contact us for booking at We hope you enjoy this musical journey through hip hop and R&P that will encourage, inspire, and challenge you to be more Kingdom Minded.

You can download Young DIF's "Listen Up" EP on iTunes HERE

You can download the show here if you would like...for FREE!

Here is your playlist. Enjoy!

Hour 1
Music of Life - Sho Baraka
Turn Up Your Light - V.Rose ft KJ-52
Be A King - Capital Kings
El Presidente - Selah Tha Corner
Getting Up - K-Drama
Jesus Is My Superman - Rev Ricardo
Grace Still Abides - Vaughaligan Walwyn ft Scarface & Dwaina
Mockery - Wit and Dre Murray
That's Me - Canton Jones ft Tonio & TK
Lay It On Me - Chris Jackson
Faith Walk - Nue Breed
**5 With Your Fav** Interview with Young DIF
Prodigal Son - Young DIF
Asthma Team - Bink ft Priest

Hour 2
Freestyle - Millionaire
Callin' Em Out - J-Will
**Guest DJ Booth** featuring DJ Tranzformed "TurnUpAndGetDumDum"
Dum Dum -Tedashii ft Lecrae
One Way Transparent
I'm Turnt - Lecrae
Turn Me Up - Black Knight ft. X-Ellentz & JG
Dance Like - Skrip
I Break Stereotypes - Hee Sun Lee ft. MC Jin
God Is Good - Richboy Trav ft Richie Righteous
Touched - Triple D ft Reyo
Big Tymin - Scooda ft Steve-T
Getting Up - K-Drama
In My City - Andy Mineo ft Efrain of Doubledge
**Kingdom Minded Birthday Roll Call**
I'm Turnt - Lecrae
Move - MIA3
Bad Side - Rob "The Ark" Mercury
RIP ChiRaq - Tha Militia
My Reflection - Cam
Step Up - Papa San ft Da Truth
Israelite State Of Mind - Lov'd Ones ft St. Matthews
Chill - Wes Pendleton ft Serene

We hope something was stirred up in you to be Kingdom Minded.

Until next week...grace and peace.

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