Saturday, March 16, 2013

Episode 104: Uncle Reece, Dee-1, Vessel...

Good afternoon everyone,

Thanks for joining us this week. We've got new music by Uncle Reece out of Jacksonville, FL. Also new joints by Trini, Dee-1, Joint Heirs and Vessel. We hope you enjoy and are encouraged. God bless!

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Here is your playlist!

        Artist - Song (Album)
Hour 1
 1. Flame - Clear Sight Music (The 6th: Man On Fire)
 2. T-Haddy - Champion (Single)
 3. Marathon - Run Through (Marathon Life)
 4. Uncle Reece - Until I Pass Out (Single)
 5. J.Moss - God's Got It (V4)
 6. Isaiah - Braveheart (Single)
 7. Lecrae ft Mali Music - Tell The World (Gravity)
 8. **FA SHO SHOT** Derek Minor - I'm Focused (PSA Vol 3)
 9. Sean Simmonds - Lifeline (Long Story Short: The Genesis EP)
10. Big Fil ft Rkitect - Oh My God (Single)
11. Vessel - You're All I Need (Single)
12. Jah Rock'n Productions - Give It To You (The Lost LP)
13. J Sky Walker - If It's War (LOUD)
14. His Work - Stand (We Are His Work)
15. BenEvol ft Redd Lettaz - The Rumble (Authentic Rhymes)

Hour 2
16. **PHAT FREESTYLE OF THE WEEK** Armond - One Accord DJs Freestyle (Ketchup 2)
17. Dee-1 ft Jor'Dan Armstrong - Lord Help Me (Single)
18. DJ DMD ft Bizzle & Jarrod Phillips - 25 Bibles On My Dresser (Single)
19. Cam - I See The Truth (My Eyes)
20. Fedel - Work It Out (Club David)
21. Reconcile - Never Would Have Made It (Abandoned Hope)
22. Thi'sl ft Daphne Rice - In The Morning (Free From The Trap)
23. Rob "The Ark" Mercury - Write Wit Christ (Originz of Hip Hop)
24. Joint Heirs ft Andale - More To Life (Single)
25. Identity ft Point 5 - You Are God (You Are God)
26. Tedashii ft Shane & Shane - Finally (Blacklight)
27. Chris Cobbins - Better (Better: A Fan Appreciation Album)
28. WLAK ft Christon Gray & Dre Murray - Long Way Down (WLAK)
29. Trini ft KamBINO - Back 2 U (Single)
30. MC Jin - Nothing (Crazy Love Ridiculous Faith)
31. Brinson - Hit The Floor (No Other Heroes)

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Until next week...grace and peace.

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