Saturday, November 10, 2012

Episode 89: Veteran's Day, Timothy Brindle, Da Truth

Good afternoon everyone,

Thanks for checking out the playlist for this week's show. We have a tribute for the veterans and their families at the end of the first hour and new music from Kareem Manuel, Da Truth, Wes Pendleton, and Timothy Brindle. There's plenty of bangers in the playlist too on top of the newness. Enjoy!

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Here is your playlist.

          Song - Artist (Album)
Hour 1
 1. Danger - Ben Evol ft Element & Nyla (Authentic Rhymes 2)
 2. Rock Star - Lisa McClendon (Invisible)
 3. Feel It - Braille (Native Lungs)
 4. Champion - T-Haddy (Single)
 5. Hunger Games - Da Truth (Love, Hope, War)
 6. Unstoppable - Jeremiah (Before I Wake)
 7. Live Out Loud - Erica Cumbo (Single)
 8. **FA SHO SHOT** The Evidence of Things Not Seen - eshon burgundy (Cleaning Out My Closet)
 9. Shooter - Chris Cobbins ft Canon (Better: A Fan Appreciation Album)
10. Welcome Home Soldier (Revelation 21:4) - The Wardlaw Brothers (God's Been There)
11. When You Step - Flame ft Da Truth (Our World: Fallen)
12. Endure - Kareem Manuel (Single)
13. Look To The Hills - Sean Johnson (Simply A Vessel Vol 1)
14. Last Goodbye - Tedashii ft Benjah (Blacklight)

Hour 2
15. **PHAT FREESTYLE OF THE WEEK** 2.0 Freestyle - Tru (Single)
16. Means of Grace - Timothy Brindle ft Shai Linne, Melissa T, and Past. Lance Lewis (The Restoration)
17. Stronger - Jor'Dan Armstrong (Stronger)
18. I Know - Lecrae (Gravity)
19. Red - Rhema Soul ft Thi'sl (Red)
20. Go Off (Remix) - KB ft Andy Mineo & Tedashii (Remix by K-Drama)
21. All I Need - Kelly Kelz ft Benjah (Single)
22. Praise Him - Scoobie Da Lyricist ft A-Doss (Single)
23. Your Show - Michelle Bonilla (In Spite Of Me)
24. I'mma Do It - J-Moss (V4)
25. The Morrning - Primisis ft Derek Minor FKA PRo (Single)
26. The Darkest Hour - Battleground City (Ghostbusters Mixtape)
27. Fly Away - Kareem Manuel ft Sean Johnson (Single)
***"Heart Break Beat" - Instrumental by Wes Pendleton, courtesy of Sphere Of Hip***
28. Fire In My Heart - Gemstones (Elephant In The Room)

We hope something was stirred up in you to be Kingdom Minded.

Until next week...grace and peace,


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