Saturday, February 4, 2012

Episode 55 Playlist...Thank you One Accord Deejays!

Good morning,

Thanks for checking out our show! We really, really appreciate it. This week we've got a bunch of new music thanks to the One Accord Deejay Alliance! We'll highlight the new ones so you can see which ones have been added to the rotation. Let us know which ones you'd like to hear on a regular basis. We also have started announcing birthdays in the second hour. If you would like us to mention someone's birthday in the following week, call or text their name and birthdate to 775-375-KMRS.

You can download the show here if you like until then.

Here's the playlist!

            Song – Artist (Album)
Hour 1
Opening instrumental always by DJ Scott La Rock, Tweaked by W w W
1. Get Low – P-Dub  & Bizzle (Best of Both Worlds II) Buy It Here
2. Red Carpet Treatment – Qheem The Redeemed (Body Language) Buy It Here
3. Tell ‘Em (Internal Conflict) – Level 3:16 (Level  3:16) Buy It Here  Official Video
Instrumental by BenEvol
4. Raw – Imperial ft Sivion, Syntax The Terrible, MuzeOne & JustME (Raw) Buy It Here
5. Sun Up ‘Til Sun Down – Sean C. Johnson (Simply A Vessel Vol 1) Buy It Here
6. Lift His Name High – Exodus Movement (ReDefinition) Buy It Here  Official Video
Instrumental off Pro mixtape
7. Fa Sho Shot! Don’t Rap No More Remix – Brinson, Mouthpi3ce, & Knine (Don’t Rap No More Single) Buy It Here
8. Covenant Eyes – Trip Lee ft  Pro (Between Two Worlds) Buy It Here
9. My Reflection – Cam (My Eyes) Buy It Here  Official Video
10. The End – DJ Anomally ft Raw Srvnt, T Haddy and Malachi of Gideonz Army (Single) Buy It Here
Blend of instrumentals by W w W
11. Walk Alone – Isaac Carree (Uncommon Me) Buy It Here
12. Flava In Ya Ear – Priest ft Armond WakeUp, FlyBoy & Bink (I Love The 90’s Mixtape with DJ I Rock Jesus) FREE DOWNLOAD
13. The Omnis – Shai Linne ft  Andy Mineo, Giano & Omri (The Attributes of God) Buy It Here

Hour 2
Eshon Bombay burgundy instrumental/blend with classis beat by W w W
14. Phat Freestyle of the Week Likewise Freestyle Session 1  Youtube Video
15. Back – The Ark (City of Ashes Vol 2) FREE DOWLOAD
16. All I Need – Kelly Kelz ft Benjah (Single) Buy It Here
17. It’s Alright – Json ft Mikeschair (Growing Pains) FREE SINGLE  Buy The Album Here
18. His Will – D Tropp ft ZG & Lil’ Prophet (The Kardiac Kid) Buy It Here
Instrumental off Free Gift Instrumentals Mixtape
19. Clash of the Titans – S.O.C.O.M. (Single) Buy It Here
20. Lifestory – Christawn (Lifestory) Buy It Here
Instrumental by Wit off Hell’s Paradise Deluxe Edition
Birthday Shoutouts: Happy Birthday DJ Destiny! (Loop from Lecrae’s “Hands High”)
21. Beautiful Eulogy – King Kulture ft Braille, Theory Hazit, Odd Thomas & Courtland Urbano) (King Kulture) Buy It Here  Official Video
22. Emergency – Trini (Fearless) Buy It Here
23. Welcome Home – Identity (You Are God Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
24. Let It Burn – Creature Clan [D-MAUB & Eric Cross] ft Pettidee (New Beginnings) Buy It Here
25. Bad Guy – C-Dot ft Gammage (Angry Birds Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
26. Take Time – Ian Von (Now Playing Vol 1) Buy It Here
27. Champion – M.I.A.3  (Renewal 101) Buy It Here
28. Know You more – Tryenyse Jones (Resilient) Buy It Here

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!
Until next week…
Grace and peace – W w W

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