Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kingdom MInded Ep 35: Da Truth, Da Messenger, Tha GIM...

Good afternoon Kingdom People! Thanks for taking the time to visit our website.
We had a blast last week with Identity, DJ Ezra, D-M.A.U.B., K-Drama and DJ KlassyK at the inDependency Tour's Peoria stop. A big thank you goes to Bishop Leroy Davis of Word of Faith Christian Center for opening the doors to this event at the last minute. We thank God for providing everything we needed to make this event a success. He was truly glorified as this event changed from a Kingdom Minded event to a Kingdom event! We also want to thank all the sponsors that helped make it possible, as well as those that helped with some of the logistics. I'll name some of the churches the helped and leave the individuals anonymous. Thank you to Judah International Ministries (my church), City of Refuge (Mr. Rob's church), Word of Faith Christian Center, First United Methodist Church, Rock Church. Thank you to EB Event management for the assistance provided. Most of all, I thank my wife for being there every step of the way with me personally. We pray a special blessing over all of you. We'll give a detailed report of the event and post some videos and pictures as soon as we get them compiled and ready to present.
Now to get to this weeks show. We've got new music by Da Truth, K-Drama, Identity, Yaves the Street Pastor, Tha GIM, and Da Messenger. We break down some of the concert that took place last week and have tried to give you a diversified variety of Christian hip hop and contemporary Gospel. We really want your feed back on the show. Leave a comment or call us at 775-375-KMRS if you have any suggestions or shout outs for us. You can also text us music requests. If you have an event you'd like us to provide the music for, contact us and we'd be glad to see if we can help. It's our desire to see the Gospel spread everywhere the ear will hear. You can e-mail us at

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This Week's Playlist
          Artist - Song (Album)
  1. Lecrae ft Cam & Dwayne Triumf - Don't Waste Your Life (Rebel) Buy It Here  Official Video
  2. Seda - Warning 2011 (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  3. Young Joshua - Old Me (Thinking Out Loud) Buy It Here  Promo Video
  4. Sean C. Johnson - Daily Struggle (Simply A Vessel Vol. 1)
  5. Identity - Gett Off (You Are God Mixtape) Available 9/10
  6. Qheem the Redeemed - Jehovah Dose (Body Language) Buy It Here
  7. Tay Clemmons - Free (Single) Buy It Here
  8. Mr. J Medeiros - Keep Pace (Of Gods and Girls) FREE DOWNLOAD
  9. D-M.A.U.B. ft Malski - Y'all Funny (Death Before Dishonor) Pre-Order Here
  10. R.I.C.H. Boys - Ready To Ride (Single) Buy It Here  Live Performance Video
  11. J Sky Walker - FRESH (LOUD) Buy It Here
  12. Exodus Movement - Lift His Name Hight (ReDefinition) Buy It Here  Official Video
  13. Flame ft Lecrae - Joyful Noise (Our World: Redeemed) Buy It Here  Official Video
  14. Shachah ft John Wells the Tonic - Deliver Us (Let The Light In) Buy It Here  Official Video
  15. *Phat Freestyle of the Week* Tha GIM - Live Nation Freestyle (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  16. Chad Jones, Canon, PRo & Brothatone - Hello (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  17. MIA3 - Lay It All Down (Living Words the EP) Buy It Here
  18. Da Truth - Alive (The Whole Truth) Pre-Order Here  Official Video
  19. Pastor AD3 - Copycat (No Pain, No Love) Buy It Here
  20. K-Drama ft KamBINO, Kadence, Phanatik, Dice Gamble, Kaleb Starr & Christ T. of Level 3:16 - Get Your Weight Up Remix (We Fit: The Workout Plan [Extra Reps]) Available 9/6  Original Version Official Video
  21. Yaves the Street Pastor - AC Cool (In Summer's Ear) FREE DOWNLOAD
  22. Victory World Music ft Montell Jordan & Beckah Shae - Shake Heaven (Shake Heaven) Buy It Here  Official Video
  23. Jeremiah - The Warm Up (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
  24. Brinson ft Aye Day 4k - Goin' God (O.M.G.) Buy It Here  Official Video
  25. Shai Linne - Glory to God (The Attributes of God) Pre-Order Here
  26. Da Messenger - Worthy of It All (Alien) Buy It Here
  27. Claude Deuce - Nothing Without You (Now Playing by Antonio Neal) Buy It Here
  28. D-M.A.U.B. - I Believe God (Death Before Dishonor) Pre-Order Here
The instrumentals you heard in between songs were by Wit of Wit and Dre Murray, eshon "bombay" burgundy, Teddy P, Infantry Beats, J. Griff, and K-Beatz.

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded!

Grace and peace,

the Water Walkin' Warrior

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