Saturday, March 2, 2013

Episode 102: Lil Prophet, Andy Mineo, Isaac Carree

Good afternoon everyone,

Thanks for taking time to visit the page. We've got new music this week by Lil Prophet, Andy Mineo and Isaac Carree. We hope you enjoy the show and tell friend about it. You can listen to this week's episode anytime throughout the week by pressing play at the bottom of the page. You can even listen to old episodes there too by going through the playlist. If you ever want to chop it up or need help with anything, let us know and we'll see if we can be of any assistance.

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Here is your playlist.

     Artist - Song
Hour 1
 1. Lecrae ft Trip Lee - Jesus Muzik
 2. J.Moss - God's Got It
 3. Andy Mineo - Ayo
 4. Identity - Alive
 5. Damita Haddon - Won't Turn Back
 6. Exodus Movement - Lift His Name
 7. Chris Jackson - Rear View Mirror
 8. Othello - Isaiah 53
 9. **FA SHO SHOT** Lavoisier ft Gemstones - Hope You Miss Me
10. Isaac Carree - Clean This House
11. D-Maub ft B.Reith - How Long
12. Serene ft GP - The Reason
13. Chris Cobbins ft Corey Paul - Snack'n
14. eshon burgundy - Close to the SUSEJ
15. Propaganda (Humble Beast) - Beautiful Pain

Hour 2
16. **PHAT FREESTYLE OF THE WEEK** Mephstaddox - whatchugonnado freestyle
17. The Ark - Write Wit Christ
18. Big Fil ft Rkitect - Oh My God
19. Sean Simmonds - Lifeline
20. DJ DMD ft Bizzle - 25 Bibles On My Dresser
21. Jor'Dan Armstrong ft Dee-1, Canton Jones & Jai - I'm Down
22. Lecrae ft Mali Music - Tell The World
23. KJ-52 ft Dre Murray - That Was My Life
24. T-Haddy - Champion
25. Lil Prophet - I Am
26. Young Joshua - The Old Me
27. Thi'sl ft Flame - I Ain't Turnin' Back
28. MIA3 - Still Grindin'
29. Mali Music - The Name

We hope something was stirred up in you to be Kingdom Minded!

Until next week...grace and peace.

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