Saturday, September 8, 2012

Episode 82: Lecrae's "Gravity", MC Jin, Knine

Good afternoon everyone,

Lecrae's new album came out last Tuesday and has been at least #2 on the iTunes charts overall since the day it came out. It's #1 on the iTunes hip hop charts. This has been an exciting week. With Lecrae reaching the listeners he has, the rest of the artists representing Christ are not far behind. We want to say thank you to Lecrae and other bold artists for their drive and willingness to step into areas some people might not venture while not losing their integrity. There are also several FREE projects out now too. Alex Faith, Jeremiah, and MC Jin have all released projects that are very, very good. And they are FREE. Here are some links for those projects.

Just click the covers to cop the albums.

You can download this week's show for FREE below.

Here is your playlist.

          Song - Artist (Album)
Hour 1
 1. Cour De Leon - Yaves Ellis (History in Progress)
 2. Shooter - Chris Cobbins ft KB (Better: A Fan Appreciation Album)
 3. Bang - B-Free (Untitled)
 4. Trust In God - Soul Tempo (Single)
 5. I Know - Lecrae (Gravity)
 6. Won't Turn Back - Damita Haddon (Anticipation)
 7. Up, Down - The Ambassador ft Charmaine (Stop The Funeral)
 8. **FA SHO SHOT** Bulldoze City - Gifted Da Flamethrowa (Bulldoze City)
 9. People Crazy - D-MAUB (Inside Out)
10. The Job Experience - Mali Music (Single)
11. King - Deitrick Haddon (Church On The Moon)
12. Holy - Jeremiah (Before I Wake)
13. Live It Up - The Ambassador ft Trip Lee (Move Compilation Vol. 1)
14. It's Your Night - Battleground City ft Psalm Star & The Ark (Ghostbusters Mixtape)
15. Goin' God - Brinson ft Aye Day Fothousand (O.M.G.)

Hour 2
16. **PHAT FREESTYLE OF THE WEEK** Sessions - DJ Klutch ft Dorian Grey (The Christian Rapper)
17. Hope That You Miss Me - Lavoisier ft Gemstones (Single)
18. I See The Truth - Cam (My Eyes)
19. The Almighty - Raw Servant & St. Matthew (Soul Deep EP)
20. WLAK - Swoope ft Alex Faith, Christon Gray & Sho Baraka (Wake Up)
21. No Never - Sean Johnson (Simply A Vessel Vol 3: Surrender All)
22. Falling Down - Lecrae ft Trip Lee & Swoope (Gravity)
23. Work - Knine ft KamBINO (Odyssey: The Prequel)
24. God's Got It - J.Moss (V4: The Other Side)
25. Kick, Drum, Snare... - Holy Zone Records ft A-Flo, G86 & Jabo (Single)
26. Thank You - DNA Music Boyz (Single)
27. I Am - Canton Jones ft Gideonz Army (Dominionaire Remixed)
28. Unstoppable - Viktory ft T.Haddy & Bizzle (R4)
29. Power Of His Name - Ben Evol ft Element (Authentic Rhymes 2)
30. Still With You - MC Jin ft Uncle Reece (Crazy Love Ridiculous Faith)

We hope something was stirred up in you to be more Kingdom Minded.

Until next week...grace and peace.

Water Walkin' Warrior

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