Saturday, March 17, 2012

Episode 61: New Mali Music, Ali Rozet, JustWORD

What's good everyone?

Thanks for taking time to visit our website. We were blessed to receive the new Mali Music singles and played his new song called, "Walk On Water". Sho Baraka sent his new song and JustWORD has a new EP out.

There is a bunch of events coming too in which you can locally go and see a Christian hip hop artist live. Honestly, it's kind of rare for a hip hop concert to take place in general so let's get out there and support these events. Visit our "Events" page HERE for more details about them.

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Feel free to download this week's show here!
Kingdom Minded Ep 61 Hr 1  |  Kingdom Minded Ep 61 Hr 2

Here's this week's playlist.

          Song - Artist (Album)
Hour 1
 1. Beard - Ali Rozet ft J.Givens, ProCyse & Young Buddy (The Abolition) FREE DOWNLOAD
 2. No Betta - Voices of Unity ft Deitrick Haddon & Faith Evans (Single) Buy It Here
 3. You Gotta Go - Broken (True Freedom) Buy It Here
 4. Hey Hey - Martay ft Richman (Single) Buy It Here
 5. Need An Answer - Rhema Soul (Red) Exclusive Leak
 6. What Will You Do - Willie Johnson (Spoken Word) Kingdom Minded Exclusive
 7. I'm A Christian - Jah Rock'n Productions ft K-Drama and The Breax (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
 8. *Fa Sho Shot* Pressing Into The Kingdom - Timothy Brindle (Killing Sin) Buy It Here
 9. Rear View Mirror - Chris Jackson (Single) Buy It Here
10. A-Milliyon - Milliyon (Live Milliyonic) Buy It Here
11. Copycat - Pastor AD3 (No Pain, No Love) Buy It Here
12. Not Soft - Cash Hollister ft T-Haddy (The Refreshing) Buy It Here
13. I See The Truth - Cam (My Eyes) Buy It Here  Official Video
14. Killa - Lecrae (Rehab) Buy It Here
15. Blades of His Glory - 7vnseal ft Cy (Keep My Boots Madd Muddy Platoon Vol. 1) FREE DOWNLOAD

Hour 2
16. *Phat Freestyle* Guvna B Goes Inn - Guvna B from  Watch the Video
17. Clap Ya Hands - Group 1 Crew (Group 1 Crew) Buy It Here
18. Walking - Mary Mary (Something Big) Buy It Here
19. Kill Jesus, Praise Judas - Sho Baraka (Hello Revolution) Buy It Here  Official Video
20. #NoWorries - Gary Coleman ft Tyrae (The Discovery of Life) FREE DOWNLOAD
21. He Said He Loves Me - Brinson (O.M.G.) Buy It Here  Live Performance
22. Does Anybody - Sean C. Johnson (Simply A Vessel Vol 2: Faithful) Buy It Here  Official Video
23. Hold On - Thi'sl (Beautiful Monster) Buy It Here  Official Video (Must See)
24. To Live Is Christ - Trip Lee (13 Letters) Buy It Here
****Kingdom Minded Birthday Roll Call****
25. Access Denied - Gemices Royale ft L.O. (Conviction Music) Buy It Here
26. Flesh Killa - STLien ft Scooda (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD
27. God is Enough (Chris Lee Remix) - Chris Lee, Flame, Lecrae & Jai (Get Well Soon) FREE DOWNLOAD
28. Street Gospel - J.Givens (Run) Buy It Here  Official Video
29. Futuristically Fly - JustWORD (Futuristally Fly) FREE DOWNLOAD
30. Walk On Water - Mali Music (Mali Is) Buy It Here

We hope something is stirred up in you to be Kingdom Minded! - Water Walkin' Warrior

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