Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Cross, Crucifixtion and Resurrection of Christ - Easter Playlist April 25th Show

Blessings in the name of Christ! We are honored to give Christ Jesus glory on this Easter weekend.  The first hour of the show focuses on the cross and crucifixion.  The second is about the resurrection.  We hope you appreciate the show we've put together this week.  We've decided to offer this episode as a FREE DOWNLOAD this week.  You can find the link below.  This is an awesome holiday to celebrate Christ and the salvation He purchased for us.  Everything we are, have, and do is because of Him.  Give Him glory as you listen to the show and worship Him in everything you do!

(Right Click the Links and Save as MP3's)

**Local Event Notice**

The Dream Center Peoria is hosting a hip hop church called The Basement on May 7th.  This is the first of many monthly occurrences.  There will be battle raps, a raffle, a live DJ, and most importantly the Gospel of Christ will be presented through hip hop.  Here's the details:
What: The Basement - hip hop church
When: May 7th, 2011 from 6 to 8 pm
Where: Dream Center Peoria

Here is this weeks playlist.  We will have all the links functioning by Sunday night.

         Artist - Song Title (Album)
  1. Brothatone - Reflection (Mic Check) FREE DOWNLOAD 
  2. Trip Lee - The Good News Part 1 (If They Only Knew) Buy It Here
  3. Shai Linne - Were you There (The Atonement) Buy It Here
  4. Shai Linne - The Atonement Selah (The Atonement) Buy It Here
  5. Ed Grice of Golgotha and Beyond Part 1 FREE DOWNLOAD
  6. Humble Tip - Give Us Barrabus (The Merger) FREE DOWNLOAD
  7. The Channel - Crown - The Betrayal (The Messiah Mixtape Vol 2) Buy It Here
  8. Hazakim - Crucifixion Description (Theophanies) Buy It Here Official Video
  9. Timothy Brindle - Humility of Christ (Killing Sin) Buy It Here
  10. Richie Righteous - Salvation 101 (R.I.C.H.: Resting In Christ Hands) Buy It Here
  11. Trip Lee - The Good News Part 2 (If They Only Knew) Buy It Here
  12. Shai Linne - The Cross (The Atonement) Buy It Here
  13. Dillon Chase - He Drank It (Pause) FREE DOWNLOAD
  14. eshon burgundy - 21 Gun Salute (Single) FREE DOWNLOAD Official Video
  15. Ambassador - The Reunion Part 1 (Stop The Funeral) FREE SINGLE DOWNLOAD
  16. Knine - For You (Underdogg) Buy It Here Official Video
  17. The Channel - The Remedy (The Messiah Mixtape Vol 2) Buy It Here
  18. Hazakim ft. Shai Linne - Risen (Theophanies) Buy It Here
  19. Ed Grice of - Golgotha and Beyond Part 2 FREE DOWNLOAD
  20. Johnnie Gordon - All-Start Game Promo
  21. Serene ft. S2BK - He Rose (Different Strokes) FREE DOWNLOAD
  22. Sho Baraka ft. Alex Faith - Jesus (Barakaology) FREE DOWNLOAD
  23. The Channel - Crown - The Resurrection (The Messiah Mixtape Vol 2) Buy It Here
  24. Shai Linne - Jesus Is Alive [House of Tea Remix] (The Atonement) Buy It Here
  25. Identity - Long Live The King (Long Live the King) Buy It Here
  26. K-Drama - Jesus Didn't Tap Part 2 (For The Longest Time) Buy It Here
  27. Trip Lee - The Good News Part 3 (If They Only Knew) Buy It Here
  28. JayEss - Easter Sunday (Good Friday Mixtape) FREE DOWNLOAD
  29. Deitrick Haddon - Forgiven (Church On The Moon) Buy It Here
We hope something was stirred up in you to be Kingdom Minded!  Don't forget to leave a comment for us below.  We want your feedback on the show.  

Until next week,
Happy Easter and Grace and Peace,
Mr. Rob and the Water Walkin' Warrior

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